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removing water spots on headlamps?


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You might need to use 2 or 3 grades of rubbing compound to polish those nasty boogers off. Start off with Orange compound (course) then use White compound (medium) then if there are still swirl marks, use swirl marks remover.

When you start with the Orange compound, polish vigorously in 1 direction until the nasty boogers are gone. Use a fresh cloth for the white compound and polish in the same direction until the scratches from the orange compound are eliminated.

You can buy these compounds at Walmart or any parts store.

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Toothpaste,and a rag.


Popular Mechanics had an article on this topic not too long ago. You can read the article at your local library. There was some wet sanding involved with a couple of different grades of very fine sandpaper, some water, and some microfiber towels. I have heard of the toothpaste trick too if the lens is not too bad. I forget what abrasive Popular Mechanics used before the wet sandpaper.

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Use a real fine POLISHING COMPOUND or go to a hobby store and get some JEWELERS ROUGE. It is a super fine abrasive/polishing material.

Do it by hand by putting a little on a soft rag and rubbing, or apply a little to a buffing wheel and use only light pressure. Do not get it on the chrome or paint.

Good luck.

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