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  1. i think it has insulation inside it kinda looks like the same as the cat o2 sensor is right before it . I just dont know if i should try that or new tips
  2. i bet his kid got a good whooping 28 years down the drain
  3. i just welded them on today im not to sure if im happy with the sound a little to quite for me i cut off the resovor muffler and welded straight pipe i was thinking of puting a glass pack instead of the straight pipe any ideas if this would hurt anything?
  4. 27 and own 4 caddys got my first when i was 15.1973 beat to hell
  5. I have an 03 deville and every once and a while when i start it up i get some white smoke once at night and once during the day when the car was all ready warm . any ideas ? as to what can cause this and one more thing the other day i left from work no smoke but when i got to the stop light and waited for the green the car just died started up fine and drove off
  6. ok done i did the toothpaste tricked worked like a charm took about 3 times but they are clear thanks for the info guys
  7. I used this compound called flitz and no luck ill try vinegar and see what happens thanks
  8. Anyone know of a polish or or trick to get these boogers off ? its driving me nuts i wanna go and buy a new set
  9. What do you do more highway or city? I have had my car for 2 months and got on the highway once and that was on the way home from the car lot
  10. That's how my '98 has been operated for 10 years / 170,xxx miles. Fire it up, buckle up, put it in gear, move on down the road. Sounds good I am not to worried about the MPGs it just my wife is complaing about how much i spend on gas I told her it could be worse i could drive the 73 or 64 around 5 mpg if im going downhill with the wind blowing haha thanks for all your help i replaced the air filter and i will try and jump in and go for a week and see how that helps
  11. my average MHP is in the DIC is 13.6 I talked to a friend of mine who works at a car lot and he said that a car IE a caddy that has mpg display they will drive it on the freeway in order to get the mpg display up so that it looks gas efficent. Anyone heard of this ? Also you said you never let your car warm up less then a minute i thought that was bad for the car Yeah JIM D so what the general idea is i dont need to let my car warm up just jump in and go? > no i havent had any battery problems i have only had it a few months but never noticed a dip usally stays around 14.5 to 15
  12. Outside temp is around 30-70 Driving is stop and go all city I let the car warm up in the morning for about 10 mins Yes i did reset the mpg display a couple times Yeah i do have a few codes but could not find any info on them DDM U 1713, DDM U1714, IPC U 1064, PDM U 1713, VTD B 1327, RCC B 1009 Today im gonna check the air filter and see if its in bad shape I also heard changing spark plugs and wires could help. But some one told me i should'nt have to till about 55k
  13. I was wondering if any of you had any tips on mpg? I just got my car I test drove one other deville same year it had 77k on it and got 18 mpg. When I got mines it had 44k and got 14.2 now its at 13.6. I run 91 octane and im not heavy on the gas any tips or ideas would be great. thanks
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