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  1. If you're reffering to "IT" as shifting It did get affected by the air flow,so therefore it did have an effect.And YES,you're right the PCM does control things based on many things...
  2. Hi Bruce, I wouldn't mind one myself.I wouldn't even take the old one.I like the white lettering better than the yellow.Actually, I think maybe you should make them the color of the V series Logo somehow.What do you think? Caddy in red, Info in yellow, and,.com in Blue. You already ordered them though...Anyway,at least you have some available. I'll take one too. Thanks, Florin
  3. That would be my choice too Bruce.The STS-V. I've seen two around the Chicagoland area for around $29.000 with around 30.000 miles That is not bad,but still not innexpensive enough for my pocket. another year when it will be 19.000 Florin
  4. Thanks Bruce! They have a hit on their hand.... Florin
  5. That is nice stuff especilally the CTS grill.I don't get it though: What does it mean one of a kind?.How will one differ from the other ones? Need more detail. Florin
  6. Better question:Where's the STS which made the Cadillac brand successful? Probably the same place where the Northstar will be.... Florin
  7. I replaced my stock filter with a K&N air filter,but not a cone.It's still inside the air box.I believe it was made for a Buick of some sort since K&N didn't make one for my '95 STS. Defenitely some improvement.It used to shift at 6000rpm now it shifts at 6500,but the best improvement was getting the exhaust done.Probably didn't gain much, but defenitely freed some horses though...Well...A little more than some. Florin
  8. Yea,Its not worth it unless It's something major.I live 40-50 min away,but I still go there because of the savings and the trust.They even rebuilt my tranny on my '96 Z34 Monte Carlo. Everything including Torque Converter and Quick shift for $1800 I only go to dealer if it has something to do with electrical work. Good Luck! Florin
  9. Im in Chicago and I get my stuff done on my '95 STS done for half the price of dealer at IGGY's on Harlem and Montrose Just tell them Flo sent you.Speak with a guy named Mike.Ask for him and tell him you are a friend of mine.What do you need done? Florin Aka:Flo
  10. I think Twenty-Ten sounds nicer myself,but it's a matter of preference I think... Florin
  11. I always wondered what you look like Bruce I dont have to imagine who we're corresponding with. Boy,that CTS coups is sweet ,ain't it? You definitely can't mistake that for any other coupe,and that's what Cadillac is all about... Florin
  12. I had a ''77 280Z If you want more info e-mail me My screen name is abad95.
  13. I just can't believe that you have over 600 posts in less than a month.That is crazy man! Is that all you do ? Sit on Caddyinfo.com and answer everybody's questions? Talk about being dedicated. Anyway,I know I wouldn't be able to do that. Another thing is that you are a lot of knowledge when it comes to Caddy's. You should be called the "Guru". Thanks again for your time. Florin
  14. Hi Body By Fisher, You said a while ago that you would stop posting after 12000 Posts. What happened? You just can't help yourself with helping people,huh? I for one am very grateful for the info you provide for everybody,and thank you very much for the very interesting and helpful info with all of our problems. If anybody feels this way,let him know. Thanks again.... Bring back Scotty! Florin
  15. I've been saying to drop SAAB for the longest.Born from Jets.What a joke! Who wants to buy an ugly car that was born from jets? GM has to concentrate on making small SUV's like Honda and Toyota,and to try to sell overseas as much as possible. They have to concentrate on making more efficient cars and SUV's and sell them inEurope. Florin
  16. Mike, You are so right about everything. The liberal Left reminds me where I came from. Romania where they had the Idiot dictator named Ceausecu back in '89. Him and his communist ways. I hope the Democrats don't win -(Obama). If you notice the Democrats all they do is just talk bad about America in general. If you don't like it,you should just go to Cuba or wherever you please. This country is going down,thanks to people that are trying to be our leaders. Anybody with a name that rhymes with Osama and second name is Hussein should not be able to be our president. He
  17. Hi everybody! I was wondering if any of you guys know how many STS's and Lexus ES330? were sold the last few years? Did Cadillac sell more or did Lexus sell more?. Just wondering since I kind of see an equal amount out on the roads. Thanks, Florin
  18. Sorry FivePointoman. I just realized you have a '96 with OBDII. I don't remember right now but somebody does have a computer upgrade for you guys. I'll try to remember where I seen it. By the way: Nice exhaust note.... Florin
  19. A chip from "Wester's Tune,which I plan on getting this summer even though I have 200000 miles. Cost is $400 Florin
  20. Have your ISC motor changed. It won't hurt.Sooner or later you will have to. Florin
  21. I bought some Magnaflows Stainless Steel Mufflers for my '95 and love the sound.I also have a Hi-Flow Cat and upgraded the pipe all the way back to mufflers to 3 Inch. I'm thinking to remove the resonator,but I want to hear my BOSE also,if you know what I mean... The mufflers are Straight Throughs,and not Turbo.(Almost as Stock Muffler size) $100 a piece plus install.Worth every penny. It really opened it up especially with the K&N filter. Mustangs are a joke,especially after 100,120 miles an hour. Enjoy you new Caddy,and Welcome to CaddyInfo.! Florin
  22. You got a very sweet deal! She looks real sweet.You might want to get a different grille now,since the Caddy sign is missin'. Florin
  23. Welcome back! I also remember you,because I told you you will be missing the Caddy ,and I also remember you not really liking the CTS. Florin
  24. Sounds to me just like Scotty said. I had that problem with mine a while ago,but it didn't want to get fixed until I did the Idle Learn Procedure. (You have to through each gear and stay in each like 20 seconds or something). I don't know how to do it on a '96,but that's how you do it on a '95. I'm not sure if It's in the"How to" section,or maybe you have a manual. Florin
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