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Just bought a 1995 Cadillac Seville SLS

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Hi, my fiance just bought this car from a towing company yesterday. He was told in ran great and everything and on his way home in it it overheated. The windows don't roll down and the ac doesn't turn on either. I checked the fuses and there are several fuses burned so I will be replacing these to see if the ac and windows start working. If you have any other suggestions on this please suggest.

Now onto the overheating, while I was looking at the fuses I went to pull out the one for the fan and the wire for the fan was in the plug with the fuse. The fuse isn't burnt. I am thinking that the previous owner tried rigging up a universal fan, which caused it to run constantly and burn out. Basically, I have a feel for the cause of the problems. My dad used to rebuild hot rods and I was his assistant. But, he is no longer around for advice and my fiance doesn't know that much about vehicles. And me being a girl.... I don't get much respect in my local parts shop and it annoys me when I try to get input from the employees. <_< Sooooo..... If it sounds like I am on the right path let me know, and if it doesn't sound like.... let me know. LOL

Also, I'm searching for a fan and I'm not finding the whole kit. I'm finding separate parts, i.e. fan blades. fan motor, fan relay. If it's just the motor that's burnt can I just replace that or should I just bite the bullet and get all 3. If it is a universal fan will a caddy motor work with the fan blades?

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Okay, so I just got off the phone with the cadillac dealership to price parts and was told that there are two fans. I didn't get to look at the actual fan last night because it was dark out. So how can I test the fans to see if one or the other still works???

Edited to say, just went look and I only see one fan... ???

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A unique advantage of Cadillacs is the ability to pull OBD II codes easily and quickly from the computer module system. Here's how:


I would do this first. Post the codes here, or follow this link:


You have the VIN "Y" engine, a 275 hp Northstar. The VIN digit is the eighth. It will be a Y for the SLS and Eldorado with the 275 hp engine, and a 9 for the 300 hp engine in the STS and ETC. The only mechanical differences are the intake camshafts and final gear ratio.

The fans are automatically turned on at low speed when the A/C is turned on. This is a quick check to see when the fams themselves and one of the configurations are operating properly. On low speed, the two fan motors are connected in series, so one bad motor will show no fans running with the A/C on, unless it is shorted -- in which case one fan will be on high speed and the other will be off, another dead giveaway. So, I would do this check first.

What is the overheating like? Does the engine do OK while the car is moving at 20 mph or faster but slowly overheat when stopped with the A/C running? If so, the fans are a good place to start. If the symptoms are any different, I would stop by a radiator shop and have the coolant tested for combustion products (i.e. head gasket) and coolant life. Unless the coolant is fresh, I would change it ASAP. If the testing finds head leakage, then that is on your agenda for repairs.

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If it overheats while driving on a highway then it is not fan-related because fans rarely need to be turned on on highways.

I am afraid the towing company sold you a Cadillac with blown headgasket...

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