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Not so fast...

You may want to review this information:


Sadly I've known a couple guys in the past like the owner of CI in that thread. They're amazingly believable in their con(s) and intelligent people get taken consistently. The most disturbing and frustrating ability about a good con artist is how they seem to muster and rally support to their deception and or defense of their deception. And at the expense of the real innocent party. The general public has difficulty believing that someone could be that underhanded, which goes against the usual social norms that most of us were brought up with. Many even feel sorry for individuals like this.... and that's exactly what the cons are counting on. It's actions of deceitful people like this guy that I think "old style" justice would be appropriate. ;)

Thanks for the heads up Logan.

Bruce, if I were going to drop a few grand on a rebuilt northstar I think Jasper would be at the top of the list. At the very least a local outfit that had the stamp of approval by my regular mechanic and or several reputable shops. Just makes more sense than shipping to an out of state outfit that isn't recognized nationally.... just to save 1000-2000. I'd gladly pay the extra amount to know that it's going to be done right and yet have some recourse if it wasn't.

"Burns" rubber

" I've never considered myself to be all that conservative, but it seems the more liberal some people get the more conservative I become. "

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