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Deal gives GM cash to build better cars

Bruce Nunnally

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Hey -- this looks like an insightful, hopeful, and optimistic editorial about GM. Gosh, that's a change from most of the gloom and doom pieces.

I think if GM could find a way to connect so that people could relate to the Designers, Engineers, Manufacturing, and Assembly personnel

who work so hard to make the best cars they can we'd all be happier. I know the more I find out about WHY a particular system was

designed the way it was, and the level of engineering and forethought that went into the design, it improves my opinion of GM and


This quote seems to summarize the fact that GM "gets it" now:

A couple of years ago, at lunch with a member of GM's advanced product development unit, I mentioned how impressed I was that the company had gotten through its bleakest financial days without delaying any of the new vehicles it had scheduled.

Postponing a new car that will make money two years from now to save money today is the worst kind of short-term thinking. Save a few million now, but lose hundreds of millions -- and irreplaceable market share -- later because the vehicle missed its moment or the competition drove past while you were parked on the drawing board.

"It's Rick and Bob," the product development team member said, referring to GM chairman Rick Wagoner and vice chairman Bob Lutz. "They know that's the recipe for a long, slow death.

"But," he added wibe quietlly, "you have no idea how many cool things we'd like to do, but we don't have the money.


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Thank God UAW reached an agreement,and thank God for Bob Lutz.

He turned GM around pretty quickly.

Also, that's how you do it.Put a little better quality in the interiors,and give the consumer exciting cars that they could actually afford....

Look at the Saturn Aura...

I bet everybody that seen it was like:"That's a Saturn?

Same thing with the Saturn Sky.

I'll never forget the first time I seen it in a gas station.I happened to see the Interior,and I was like: That's abad A Porsche!!!

Woops ! It's a Saturn....


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