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followup 97 Deville trunk not opening saga


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Case anyone cares. Heres my followup on the 97 Deville trunk problem

The two locksmiths got off two nuts holding down the holddown

motor. Two small local bodyshop guys couldnt, my neighbor tried over

an hour too

Caddy dealer at $99 per hour did. I watched ( Im not one to sit in

lounge, faint of heart ) I told him what I had did and others had

tried to do to remedy this

So he air chiseled up the round carriage bolt ( supposedly the 3rd

bolt holding the hold down motor)

Since he did his magic quickly, Floyd from Brown Bros. Cadillac.

Thank you . It took less than an hour Course service couldnt do it .

So they drove it next door to Floyd in their body shop

So with th rest of hour he kind of messed withstraightening the

trunk . course taking the rest of lock solenoid off. AND installed

my new lock solenoid. This freed up my tools , camera etc that was

all in trunk

Course this whole ordeal, trunk lock solenoid< started cause I

coudnt get off the 2nd "plug" a white round sort big white plastic

plug. So I closed the trunk.

I watched Floyd pry it off with two claws ( I call them staple

removers or >>>>>

Now Guys this $99 repair doesnt discourage me from attempting

others stuff. Just more cautious.LOL

Now my inside trunk release button works and REMOTE control works


Now whats funny .... Yahoo and others have such spyware

I noticed the otherday.......it now shows me "antidepressant ads"

as well as the usual anti aging creams. LOL

Take care all


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Of course we care, glad you got it opened, Mike

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