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Okay guys I am new here so if this is the wrong forum let me know. My mother has an 83 Eldorado that has a straight body, nice interior, decent paint, good top, but unfortunately a blown 4.1 v-8. Like most that year it overheated and the heads became warped. I really love the body style and the Cadillac appeal yet don't want a complete waste of money. Is the 4.1 a dependable motor when everything is working perfectly? Would you resurrect this beast?

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I think the 4.5L is a very close replacement, and is a much more reliable engine. There are other alternatives, but I would prefer to stay with a Cadillac solution.


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The 4.5 and 4.9 engines will not fit as they are transverse FWD engines. There were two versions of the HT-4100 engine - the logitude-mounted version used in the rear wheel drive Cadillacs from '82 to '85 as well as the front wheel drive Eldorados and Sevilles from '82-'85.

The number one cause of failure in the HT-4100 engine was poor cooling system maintenance (not changing the coolant at the proper interval) and not using the cooling system supplemental sealing pellets. Use of the pellets is MANDATORY with the HT-4100, 4.5, and 4.9 engines. The 4100 engine is no hotrod but when properly maintained, it is dependable. I liked the '79-'85 Eldorados - very classy looking cars. If your car is in good shape, I'd have a GM Goodwrench engine installed. The Goodwrench engine incorporates all the engineering updates to the gaskets, etc. that were included in later 4100s, the 4.5 and 4.9 engine. The GM Goodwrench HT-4100 engine will most likely outlast the rest of the car.

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