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Ceiling Height for 2007 Escalade ESV


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I just purchased a 2007 Escalade ESV. When my husband got into the passenger seat, his head hits the ceiling of the vehicle. He is only 6 1/4" tall. We made sure the seat was all the way down. The dealership made sure it was all the way down. If this is the vehicle that the athletes use, how do they do it? Is there something I don't know.

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Athletes look bigger on TV?

Seriously, when you guys test drove the vehicle, this issue didn't come up?

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Some tall people have most of their height in their legs. Others (probably including your husband) have their height in their body. Thus, his head hits the ceiling. This is the problem I have, too. The solution I have is to tilt the seatback rearwards.

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The seat height is not the only adjustment that effects headroom. If the seat back is leaned toward the rear of the car, then more headroom is provided, by widening the angle that the occupant occupies.


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