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OH MY! Is this True?


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Benz really screwed the pooch on this deal. Chrysler, at the time of the merger in 1998, was one of the most profitable car companies and had some great product out. Since the "merger" (which was really just a cash grab for the struggling Benz), Diamler has suppressed Chrysler's budget and capital so low, the products have suffered and sales have slumped and now Chrysler is failing bad. Now Diamler is looking to throw the carcass out with the trash.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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Ranault couldn't "OWN" GM no more than you could own microsoft. When your boss mentioned that, alarms should have went off in your head. The first thing I would have said to him was, "Sir, I think GM is a little to big for that crappy little French company to own. And yes I stick by those words crappy little French company.

STS Joe,

Another article came out today and yes its the whole company.

Jason A,

I think GM would be able to infuse the necessary capital into Chrysler. Besides, Chrysler actually has some appealing cars now more than ten years ago.

Now for my own 2 cents if this merger is sucessful and the GM is able to integrate effectively than this would ensure GM to be #1.


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The options are endless... They could simply buy it for a few models, like the minivan and JEEP or/and the 300, and try to spin the rest off again.. There is a lot of companies that could use a already in place network for distribution in North America (Kia, Hyundai etc). The deal might be too good to pass up, maybe as low as 3 to 5 billion, considering Daimler paid 40 BILL for them in 1998.. sounds like a bargain.

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True as you say. China's Chery Auto Company haas been entertaining the idea also. China could easily out bid GM for Chrysler because of its HUGE American dollar reserves.

God help us all.


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Likewise, I rented a Sebring - and it was truly uninspired. Chrysler styling is lovely many times - but then so is Cadillac lately.

Imagine having an Imperial and a Camaro in the garage. Hmmm . . .

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