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They put the nice cars up front

Bruce Nunnally

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My Wife and I made it to a Christmas party recently for a nice dinner out with friends, and inexpensive gift exchange. Italian restaurant, with complimentary valet parking. I was amused to see that a Mercedes and our CTS were the two cars they parked immediately in front of the restaurant, in the spaces often reserved for the type of vehicles they want the restaurant to be associated with.

Last week, I was in the CTS driving with my brother and sister in law to a family funeral. We enjoyed conversation, and listened to some radio plays on XM. Drove down, visited with family, attended the nicely done funeral, and headed back home to Texas. No muss, no fuss.

You just can't beat a Cadillac for that nice combination of great date car, great road car, and good choice for formal occasions.


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Yes, I can't argue that, but I *CAN* tell you another car-park story you might enjoy.

Many years ago I had a plane ticket for a two week jaunt to England/Scottland/Ireland. No passport however. Had to get one on an emergency basis.

The evening before, I stayed at a popular hotel in Manhattan directly across from the Treasury Building so as to be first at the door on opening hours. Got my "emergency" passport and *still* arrived at work on time.

Leaving the hotel I asked the parking lot attendant to retrieve my '72 yellow Marquis Brougham. The Jamaican attendant grinned ear-to-ear and said, "Thank you sir!" And off he went.

Of course, I couldn't help myself over this curious happening. I HAD to ask the attendant why he was so happy about retrieving my yellow Marquis.

In his heavy Jamaican accent he answered, "Mon, yellow Marquis easy to find; black limos all look the same." :)



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In my younger days I was a parking valet at numorus night spots. I had my regular front spot clients. They expected the good spot for many reasons. The # 1 reason for me being a $5 Or $10 bill. What a great job that was over a 8 yr. span. The one joint I had room for 15 to 20 cars up front & I was able to keep an eye on all. They were primo rides. My fav, a red 72 Pantera, 3 nights a week. I would park more than a hunderd cars 4 nights a week. I couldn't watch them all. Cars were stolen, broken into, Mostly for brief cases & radar dectecters back then in the early 80's. I managed to stop a couple of break-ins, but the guy has a pipe up to the window ready to break it all you can do is say stop. After all he's holding a metal pipe, I have a lot of work to do. The guys that lose thier briefcase are in trouble.

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People who park their cars with their briefcases in plain view are in trouble. That's what trunks are for. At least, there's the floor of the back seat, or far up on the floor under the dashboard if you don't want to be seen popping the trunk.

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