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98 Deville RKE-FOB programing help !


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When I bought the car-1998 Deville-it came with #1 GM/UTA 25656444,KOBUT1BT.I found on Ebay ($20) another #1 (same number,of course) and #2 that I didn't have GM/UTA 25656445,KOBUT1BT.My question is,can I program them myself or do I need to see a dealer for programing?I would like,if possible,to program two #1 FOB and one #2.Like I said,ONLY the #1 FOB is programed for the vehicle.Thanks ;)

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I believe on the 98's, the only way to add an additional key fob is with a scan tool. I have posted the instructions below.


you can only program one key fob to the driver #1 position, however, you can personalize the settings,(seats, radio, etc...) to be the same (or different) for all the fobs, driver #1, driver#2 up to 4 key fobs, per vehicle


The order that the transmitters are programmed is important. Program transmitter #1 first. Program transmitter #2 second. You may program up to 4 transmitters. Additional transmitters are available that do not have a number on them. Any previously programmed transmitters which were not included in the programming will no longer function with this receiver. The number on the transmitters are for reference only. Transmitter #2 can be programmed as transmitter #1 or vice versa. Use care in order to correctly program the transmitters. Complete the following steps:

Connect a scan tool.

Select diagnostics.

Select body code.

Select body style code.

Select other.

Select remote function actuator (RFA).

Select special functions.

Select F0 program key fobs.

Choose the fob number that you wish to program.

Follow the screen prompts in order to complete the programming procedure.

Press and hold the lock and the unlock buttons on the transmitter being programmed. The door locks will cycle. This should take about 15 seconds.

Proceed to the next transmitter and repeat steps 1-11 until all of the transmitters are complete.

Exit the remote keyless entry (RKE) programming.

Disconnect the scan tool.

Cycle the ignition. Test the transmitters for proper operation.

Personalization of the Transmitters

The transmitters may be customized in order to have the following actions occur when a specific transmitter is used:

P/R (perimeter) lighting on at remote unlock

P (park) lamps on at remote unlock

P (park) lamps on at remote lock

Horn sounds on remote lock

Complete the following steps in order to program the personalization features:

Connect a scan tool.

Select diagnostics.

Select body.

Select body code.

Select body style code.

Select other.

Select personalization.

Select driver information.

Choose driver.

Select driver number key fob options.

Change the functions to active or inactive as desired.

Save the options. Exit the system.

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Please forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know.

Key fobs come from the factory with a pre-programmed and totally random code. There are craploads of individual key fob codes. You are NOT programming the key fob. Rather, you are programming the *vehicle* to recognize an individual key fob.

It is precisely because there are so many key fob codes that Cadillac believes it unlikely you will ever try to program the vehicle to two fobs with the same code. They don't even consider the possibility.

The #1 and #2 inscribed on the back of the key fob is simply for your convenience. While they carry different part numbers, they are otherwise identical (except for the fact they carry a different random code).

The only way you could program two fobs to the #1 position would be to have two fobs with the same random code; a virtual impossibility.

You can program up to four individual fobs recognized as numbers one through four. Or, you can program the same (eg #1) fob for all four positions. OR you can have fobs #! and #2 also recognized as #3 and #4. That's about it.

Yes, they're other combinations, I understand, but *only one* fob can be programmed to the #1 position.



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Check to see if there is a programming wire behind the trunk carpet on the driver's side - if there is a wire with a connetor you can program the remotes without a scan tool - The '98+ Sevilles apparently require a scan tool but I think the Deville may still have the wire since it was a carryover model. I know you can program the remote via the onboard diagnostic overrides on the '97 Seville and the Deville is most likely similar.

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The 1998 may have the 4-fob RFA system. The 1997 FSM has a two-fob system, and a fob can be programmed into the car without a scan tool. If yours is similar to the 1997, or even if it isn't, you can try what I have here. The procedures are on pages 9K-4 and 9K-5 of the 1997 FSM. There is an opening paragraph:


Before starting this procedure, BOTH transmitters must be present. Failure to program the transmitters to the proper numbers will render the RFA system inoperative. (If the customer uses only one transmitter on the vehicle, use this transmitter as both transmitter 1 and 2. This is not the normal situation.)

A scan tool may also be used to program the RFA system.

Note -- a dealer in California once reprogrammed my car for my fob without my wife's fob. They wanted it but I didn't have it. I suppose that they used the scan tool, not the procedure that I give here. I believe that you have the digital instrument cluster, but for generality I'm merging the sections for analog and digital clusters here. They are almost identical; when there is a difference, the digital cluster information will be in square brackets, as in "NO OVERRIDE [NO OVRD]".
RFA Transmitter Programming - Analog [Digital] Clusters

In the following procedure, you will be answering questions with a yes or no response, FAN UP is YES, FAN DOWN is NO.

  1. Press OFF and WARM on climate control panel simultaneously. The IPC will light all telltales then go blank and then enter the Diagnostic Mode.
  2. Use the PASSENGER COOLER [FAN DOWN] button until RFA? is displayed, and then press FAN UP.
  3. Press FAN DOWN until RFA OVERRIDE? is displayed, then press FAN UP.
  4. RFA S00 NO OVERRIDE is displayed, press FAN DOWN.
  5. RFA S01 PROGRAM FOB #1 [NO OVRD RF S00] displayed, press FAN UP.
  6. IPC will show 0 on the right side of the DIC display. Press warmer button on climate control until 99 is displayed. [When PGM FOBI S01 is displayed, press WARM button, 99 will be displayed in left upper corner of IPC just below odometer.] System is now ready to program transmitter.
  7. A. Press and hold the TRUNK button on transmitter.

    B. While holding TRUNK button press the LOCK button and hold for one second.

    C. Hold both buttons for a total of three seconds. Locks cycle when programming is complete.

    D. If transmitter is not programmed within 30 seconds after entering 99 override display, system will default and you must start at step 6 to continue.

  8. To program transmitter number 2, press FAN DOWN button until RF S02 PROGRAM FOB #2 is displayed, press FAN UP.
  9. Follow step number 7.
  10. Press the following keys to EXIT the system. On analog display press AUTO, MODE UP, MODE DOWN or RESET.

There is one last paragraph that you need to have on hand, resetting transmitters. You may need to do this before the fobs will work, and we've had posts here that this needs to be done to get the fobs working again when the car battery has been disconnected for servicing the car.

Synchronizing Transmitters

To synchronize transmitters, perform the following steps:

  1. Press and hold the TRUNK button and within one second, press and hold the LOCK button.
  2. Continue to hold both buttons for approximately seven seconds and then release.
  3. If the transmitter was out of synchronization, it will now function properly.

Programming with the Digital Clusters is similar. Differences are that NO OVERRIDE is abbreviated NO OVRD, and RFA S01 PROGRAM FOB #1 is abbreviated PGM FOB1 S01. You exit the system by pressing RECIRC or RESET. RESET is the Reset Data button near the Reset Trip Odometer button.

There is also an Automatic Door Lock (ADL) and Personalization feature. You set that by pressing INFO (the large button in the top center of the console) and RESET and follow the menus. Use RESET to answer YES and Info to answer NO.

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