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Hey there guys, just a few questions.

My g/f is looking into a newer car purchase and she is in love with the cateras. She doesnt have the budget for a CTS and I guess the cateras just turn her head.

So my question is: What engines are in the Catera? Any problems? I noticed rearwheel and frontwheel drivetrains mentioned? and what years where they in production?

Thanks for any input.

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The Cateras had timing-belt driven 3.2L V6 engines (I believe, not exactly sure on the displacement). I don't think they're known for their reliability. They are RWD and relatively fun to drive I understand. I think 1997 was the first year for them, until when the CTS was brought out I do believe.

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The Catera had a 3L V6. It was a Cadillac version of an Opel Commodore. The later Pontiac GTO was based on a similar platform, although with a V8.

The Catera was not a bad car all in all, and it looks tons better in person than in pictures. It is heavy, and does not get better mileage than the larger V8s in the same year Deville or Seville. I would look at those models instead of a Catera.


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There aren't too many of those left on the road, that should tell you something. On the other hand if you are mechanically inclined, you can have a very unique car for not much money.

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