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  2. GMC is elevating the 2018 Yukon Denali lineup with styling and trim enhancements, as well as a new, advanced 10-speed automatic transmission. View the full article
  3. Thank you rock, I've been retired for the last 5 years, appreciate your experience with these parts. If the replacement Timken is not US made I'll check local parts stores that carry Moog for US made hubs. I understand even Moog has some Asian sources.
  4. The EBTCM is on the drivers side towards the radiator. Easiest way to find it is to follow the brake lines from the brake master cylinder. I'm a little confused because jumping the seat motor and charging the battery have nothing in common with the EBTCM.
  5. JUst my 2 cents. I used to use nothing but Timken, until they started outsourcing and dropped their warranty down to 1 year. Last 5 years I have been using MOOG and have had no come backs. Also have 3 year warranty. Very good quality. I should know as I have done tons of hub assemblies and hub bearings.
  6. Here is the diagram for the 6 way power seats seats.pdf Also the EBTCM is located on the subframe driver side under the air cleaner
  7. you mention that your driver seat has never really worked right. I suggest you pull the seat (2 bolts at back of tracks,) and inspect the wiring under that seat. That is where the MSM module is (memory seat module) I say go for the obvious and see what you find
  8. Can anyone direct me to location of the EBT CM (ABS) Module? Want to get a full charge on battery, jump the seat motor.
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  10. IT spins real easy. both do. No lateral movement, side to side, or in and out. Tensioners spin easy too. I'm at a loss.
  11. The network/UART line, or as we called it "the 1-800" line, is without a doubt the toughest system trouble code to diagnose. After saying that you should have been contacted before the additional labor hours were charged. I spent years as a Cadillac dealership service manager and that kind of charge should never have happened. Contact the service manager directly if you did NOT authorize the added diagnostic time. The Sensing & Diagnostic Module used to be under the passenger seat. I'm not all that familiar with the Concours so that information may not be correct. I agree with @Logan it will be impossible to diagnose the network problem without a Tech2. When I was, turning wrenches I successfully diagnosed several of these BUT we had a VERY cooperative parts department, without that, it is a VERY labor intensive time consuming diagnosis.
  12. Well I checked Mac's thread again, I now believe my hub is genuine Timken just made in Korea. Still, I contacted Amazon and asked for a replacement. Below is my bearing & Mac's, his knock off first, note on mine it is flush
  13. A GM Tech 2 is the diagnostic scan tool used by GM dealers. Most GM service manual diagnostic flow charts are geared toward (1) are a GM dealer. And (2) have a GM Tech 2 scan tool. So...with out a GM Tech 2. All the GM service manual information is kind of useless.
  14. Already have seen that, goggle search. The studs he noted tipped me off, though my box did have Timken color changing sticker
  15. What is a Tech 2, someone accredited by GM or Cadillac? This guy at Alpine Motors, a GM Dealership, in Ponderay, ID is the best tech they have. I wouldn't depend on him again, obviously. Their is a Cadillac Dealership 45 miles south of me in Coeur d'Alene. First thing is to get a full charge on the battery, jump the seat into a driveable position, keep hitting you 2 guys up for info? I love this Concours . . . check engine light had been on for some time until the battery was replaced, then soon afterward it came on again (a few months ago), occassionally I would get oil pressure warning. Turn the car off and back on, warning went away. The drivers side seat never really worked all that consistently, however it was in a position I was comfortable driving in. Have 144,000 miles on it.
  16. Very odd that you didn't find anything. How did the alternator feel? Pay close attention to the AC compressor
  17. Can anybody tell me a source for US made Front bearing/hub part # 513121 ? Fits many GM vehicles including my 2000 Eldo. I ordered a Timken off Amazon & even though most reviews said "Made in the USA" this one says S Korea
  18. Ok, went out and was able to get off the belts with little drama. I pushed pulled, wiggled, etc, and everything checks out ok in that regard. I didn't check the tensioner itself. I will do that after I drop my kid off to school this morning. Belts still off, no biggee.
  19. If it really is a network problem....a bunch of modules will have to be checked. My guess is the 'short to volt' code is really a failed module....but which one? You really need a Tech 2 to go by the service manual procedure. It assumes the Tech 2 will be unable to communicate while the fault is present. It could be any of these modules on the network: PCM EBTCM Radio Cluster CCP MMM Heater and AC programmer Cell phone Memory seat module SDM CVRSS Radio amp RIM RFA PZM These 15 modules are kinda located all over the car. I will mention....the EBTCM (aka as the ABS unit..) is mounted low and outside of the car and is subject to moisture / wiring problems over the long haul. It may be worth taking a quick look to inspect it for any obvious condition first.
  20. Ok I stress to check your battery connections. Remove and clean the terminals. Have the battery tested. If both seats are not working I would be checking your fuses as only the driver seat is controlled under the MSM (memory option) I hope you get it figured out. The Concours is a very nice model. Not all that common either. I have been waiting for the right one to own, It is a sporty Deville. It is the only floor shift Deville of that generation
  21. Hi Rock Neither seat is operational, I'll have to check lumbar & heater tomorrow. What gets me, when they delivered the car to the front, it immediately died, had to jump to restart (I have a feeling the key was in auxiliary mode since last Friday?) They didn't bother trying to put the seat in a regular driving position. The battery could be low on amps, the alternator could be bad, the radio used to work until I attempted to start, then all the warning data started to display. I checked the U1301 code, dependent on the module? It could be a 60A fuse. No aftermarket add-ons.
  22. Ok. Do both seats not work? If only one side doesn't work I suppose it could be a wiring issue inside the door, if both dont work there is likely a supply issue. Is there any part of the seats that do work? Heater, lumbar, etc... Is there anything added onto this car. IE radio, car starter, etc... Sorry for so many questions but just need to rule things out. Unplugging each module one at a time may resolve the datalink problem (if one of them is bad) As for moving the seat it is possible. The way I do it is get a donor plug to plug into the seat motor for whatever you want to move, It is 2 wires. to move one way 12v is supplied to 1 wire while ground is supplied to the other. To move the other way it is just the opposite. The harness will have to be unplugged from the motor. there are 3 position motors. Forward/ rear front up and down rear up and down. You can determine what is what by following the cables that run to each side. One of them goes from one track to the other with the motor on one side. I hope this helps. It is easier to do rather than to explain
  23. Thanks Logan Where are all these modules located, they only worked under the drivers seat. Also, why won't the seats operate. The drivers seat is all the way forward, anyway it can be jumped somewhere to move back?
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  25. Bunch of codes for the air bag SDM. The 'cc' codes don't match anything in the service manual except 1301. The 1301 code is the best clue. 'Serial data line class 2 shorted to voltage'. Somewhere there could be a nick in the harness....shorting to voltage somehow....dragging the network down. And that's if it's not a false code. Good luck...could be anywhere...or... could be a internal failure in one of the modules on the network. It would be tough to have a GMC dealer walk up and figure it out. It's new to them too. Both pics are from the SDM diagnostics code list in the GM service manual.
  26. Service Notes B1147, B1148, B1159, B1160, B1161, B1163, cc1301, cc1096, B1327, cc1064 Disconnected SDM - Seat Very Difficult to Adjust, no change with SDM unplugged, unplugged memory seat, no change Disconnected HVCC control panel programmer, no change Data Line @ 4.5 V, drops to .5V when P2M is unplugged & toggles 0 - 7V when reconnected, Data line @5V when car is running - PZM disconnected 10 Codes After all the messing around the dealer accomplished, cover to wiring under drivers seat is left off, seat is stuck in forward position. When key is turned on, Security & Air Bag immediately employ. As mentioned previously, when I picked it up, the battery was dead, something left on over the weekend?
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