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  2. Parts for these cars are EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE!! Just shop around.
  3. Thanks @barczy01 yes, we've combined your list and the one we made.. haha, dont know if it surprises you, but we're so happy about prices of parts... you would not believe the price for parts here, it's crazy... the idea of buying an oilfilter on sale for a dollar is... well.. it doesnt excist here hahaha.. all thanks very much for your help, i'll keep y'all posted!
  4. The creeking sound is a new thing..sounds like a sticking actuator no too sure..going to take out the actuator i replaced last yr and check it .and if thats fine i guess im taking apart the dash to find whats sticking or not opening .freon was check and it was over 2.5 lbs which is yet another issue..thanks for the help..these cars are great when they run but when they break its a pain to figure out lol
  5. Babylon if you have any questions let me know. I sent you a list of stuff to complete the job but sometimes its easy to go overboard once you get the car torn apart. I have been working on these cars as long or longer than Jake. It's getting to the point where everyone is working on these engines now and they are not too difficult to work on once you get them out of the car.
  6. When it died did it just shut off or stumble and die? It could be a fuel pump issue also. If the oil light was on before it quit I would go that route. If it came on after it shut off that is normal. I am sorry I was very tired when I responded last night
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  9. i have the exact same problem, i can only assume that the repair that was made under the passenger front seat fixed the problem? were there two sets of wires like under the front seat?
  10. Thanks Yes, taking out the block was actually easy once it was next to fully disassembled haha, we should have listened and taken out the block from starters, but hey, we dutch are hard-headed haha.. To anybody reading this in the future: yes, taking out the engine IS the way to go The yellow car is what we call a pomp-wagen, i think it translates simply as a pallet truck, the brown square frame on wheels is like a frame on wheels that has a winch on to it can be used to move around or take out anything substantially heavy, it was used to take out the engine of a speedboad and even to hold up a steel roof over the local chicken coup hahaha
  11. General Motors has successfully concluded a three-year consent order with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is working with the agency to transition to a voluntary model for continuing dialogue on important vehicle safety issues. View the full article
  12. No it didn't make any noise I will look for the oil pressure sender thank you
  13. Did the engine die first and then the light came on? It is normal for the oil light to come on with key on and engine not running. Check for spark first. Not uncommon for an ignition module to go bad.
  14. Welcome To Caddyinfo did it make any noise before it shut down? I would unplug the oil pressure sender that is located on the oil filter housing above the oil filter. See if the plug has oil in it. If it does replace the oil pressure sender. Even if it doesnt it wouldnt be a bad idea to replace it Pretty common problem. Had the light ever come on or flickered before this happened?
  15. Please don't pay $44K for a 306 hp Civic R -- look at other choices like a used 556 hp @cadillac CTS-V #motorama

  16. I was pulling out of my driveway last week and my 1996 Deville just shut down and oil light came on, now it will not start. There was oil in the dipstick, but we still put in a quart..any suggestions?
  17. VIN

    Here is 87 vin decoder It is 4.1L
  18. Thanks! Conflicting decoders...... The car was for sale on auction site. I did not buy.
  19. Here you go
  20. Good photos, I like how you are keeping related parts together. Did you drop the engine and trans from the bottom? What is the big steel frame with the wheels being used for?, lifting?
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  22. VIN

    1987 CADILLAC 1st Position - COUNTRY 1 United States 2 Canada 2nd Position - MANUFACTURER G General Motors 3rd Position - DIVISION 6 Cadillac 4th & 5th Positions - CAR LINE & SERIES CB Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Sed CD Deville CH Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Limo CS Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Sed (Sixty Special) DW Fleetwood Brougham (RWD) EL Eldorado JG Cimarron KS Seville VR Allante 6th Position - BODY TYPE 1 2 Dr Cpe 3 2 Dr Conv 5 4 Dr Sed 7th Position - RESTRAINT SYSTEM 1 Manual Belts 2 Manual Belts (Built in SFTY) 3 Manual Belts (Built in SFTY - Driver Only) 4 Automatic Belts 8th Position - ENGINE TYPE W 6-173 (2.8) MFI 120HP Y 8-307 (5.0) 4BC 140HP 7 8-250 (4.1) MPI 170HP 8 8-250 (4.1) DEFI 135HP (DeVille & Fleetwood 130HP ) 9th Position - CHECK DIGIT A single number or the letter “X’’ used to verify the accuracy of the VIN. 10th Position - MODEL YEAR H 1987 11th Position - ASSEMBLY PLANT 12th thru 17th Positions - SEQUENCE NUMBER A sequential serial number assigned by the vehicle manufacturer. Reference:
  23. VIN

    1G6VR3174HU100294 1 USA G GM 6 Cadillac V body Allante R series Allante 31 some decoders say Should be '67' for allante but 31 means driver/passenger restraint system 7 some decoders say should be '8' for 4.1L v8 but '7' means 4.1L V8 4 check digit H 1987 I think the VIN is okay.
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