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  2. I would be checking the brown wire that goes inside the trunk. It likely splices in with the left side. You will also find out if you have the factory trailer harness If you do that will be spliced in also. I am thinking the wire is bad somewhere between the splice and the right side taillight. Likely obvious when you find it. The wiring runs under the plastic trim where the pull down latch is
  3. The data line is actually tan on the 1994. Circuit 800. There is suppose to be a cover on the ALDL. It has a little jumper in it to complete the the cover there? The system should still work if the cover is missing and everything is ok. But if there is a problem...the cover works as a redundant connection.
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  5. No work of that kind it just started going crazy 1 day and hasn't been the same have had car since 08 with no problem until now with p073 I was getting now this I'm thinking pcm
  6. The purple wire is the data line. Check for splices that might be shorting out. Also, any work done recently like a radio, or alarm.
  7. OK thanks for help I'll try some things before ipc I hope that's not what it is but thanks again I'll post what I find
  8. Thinking about the IPC.....there are some differences. The 1992 one was a one year configuration. Others....the red line is different on the tach depending if it's a 4.9L or Northstar. The mileage is stored in the IPC. So a used IPC will show a different mileage. That can be fixed at a Delco speedo /radio repair shop for some $. Likely some settings would have to be changed in the IPC...that's doable. The PCM.....cheapest thing to do is drop it down and tap test it. Any scrambled data...stalling...any glitches while car is running and tapping would make the PCM suspect. Plus they are kinda cheap...around $100 for a reman unit.
  9. my outside temp still shows on display where climate control is. you can clear ipc codes and everything will show for about 5 secs. when you try to go into pcm to check that it just says no pcm data.i have another topic where I used to get a p073 it went away now I get this problem.
  10. I have a 98 STS that needs the sockets as Logan stated, I prolonged the agony and bought a little time with dielectric grease because parts are so hard to come by where I live at the end of the world. BUT, they should be replaced
  11. I determined it would be easiest to just remove the ac line. Successfully replaced affected gasket now all is well. Thanks for all the advice.
  12. Take a close look at the sockets before spending too much time. Cadillacs of that era could have bad grounds inside the socket plastic. See burn mark in plastic in socket on right. The fix is to splice on a new socket.
  13. Yes....the IPC is the instrument panel cluster. There are other years that should work....key word being should. Kinda rusty on the details of the IPC. Basically all the computers are tied together on a big loop so they can transmit data to other computers and the IPC. Works great until one of the computers goes bad and pulls down the data on the 800 circuit. Then all kinds of crazy stuff goes on. Your lucky if yours is doing it on a regular basis. Intermittent ones are very difficult to pin point.
  14. Passenger side taillights quit working. Brake & turn signal still work. Thought I would see if anyone else has had this problem before I start yanking wires.
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  16. I am not sure. I think it goes all the way over to the passenger side and shares with the HVAC. I forget what is vacuum controlled in the HVAC on mine. Anything on the 98 seville interior wise I dont know what is the same.
  17. Are you talking about the instrument panel in the dash. I'm kinda leaning towards computer the door chime just started going off with all doors closed. This has became a nightmare . Is there any other model Cadillac computer that will work on my Eldorado?
  18. Hmmm......The IPCs can also go bad and display these problems. False messages...and '---' in the data display. Some kind of problem on the network data 800 circuit. Can be a bad computer on the 800 circuit that corrupts the vehicle data.
  19. I was referring to my 98 Seville, it is an electrically operated solenoid, relay and fuse controlled by the RIM. So, where did the vacuum hose go to?
  20. It's also showing stop engine low oil I also was having trouble with temp jumping a while back and it would say stop engine with just turning switch on
  21. Update. I finished removing the headliner and found worse news. The original headliner is still attached to what is left of the backer. When the moonroof was installed it was put on right over the existing headliner material. I have to try to figure out a way to put a new material on. If I could find a Seville with a factory moonroof I wonder just how different the oem one is from the dealer add on one. Judging by how hacked up the sunglass holder was when just swapping out the console for the right one makes me wonder. more pics
  22. Hi all. I guess this is the reason why my moonroof is not working properly. 1997 Cadillac Seville, Webasto Dealer add on unit No idea exactly how it is attached and where it is supposed to be positioned. Looks to be a timing gear that tells the moonroof where to stop Update. Hers is the picture of where gear goes and where it was, but I dont know what position it goes on. I see it just clips on. No idea why it came off though.
  23. So today I decided to finally pull down the headliner. I am disgusted to say the least. Hard to believe a dealer install moonroof could be so horrible. The original backer for the headliner is badly botched. It looks like the moonroof assembly is a large black unit that mounts from inside the roof. The headliner material is secured to it. It seems to have a black foam sheet that is glued to it and the material is supposed to be glued to that. I have never seen anything like it. It looks like I cannot pull the headliner out as it is now not one whole assembly. I have no idea what to do here. Maybe someone here has dealt with this before. Basically anywhere that the material was attached to the black part is sagging. The parts still attached to the original backer are still perfectly attached. I must be the unit is too big to fit the original headliner so they had to cut the backer out as big as the unit (which is big) then they just glued the headliner to the unit. So rather than the headliner being contoured like normal it is supposed to be flat against the bottom of the unit. The headliner material is like new that is hanging down. Still has its foam intact and all This kills me because the car is near mint other than the headliner issue. Did I mention I dont like moonroofs
  24. Hmm interesting. Below is a picture of the 96- (left) 97 (right) I found this out because the plunger went bad on my 96 Deville and I bought the one on the right to replace it. It didnt work because they were pretty different. I will have to look behind the dash to see what my Seville has. Also I bought a donor column out of a 98 concours last year and saw nothing on it regarding vacuum. It was console shift. When you say 98, are you referring to Deville or Seville? I ask this because the 98 Seville was drastically different than the eldo and Deville. I dont even know what that uses thanks for posting
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