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  1. 1982 eldorado ht 4100 Hey all I can't seem to find the valve cover torque specs for my eldorado. If anyone knows it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hey everyone, putting away the 82 eldorado away for winter. Just wanted to see if anyone has any tips for winter storage ie. Gas stabilizer or anything like that. It will be in a garage but not a heated one. Thanks
  3. @BodybyFisher got the new alternator, pulled the old one out and there was something rattling around int it. Was able to get some of it out it was very brittle plastic. also there was a bracket that is used to tension the belt for the alternator that was turned and wasn't putting tension on the belt. I got everything back together and it is running great, checked the battery and alternator volts with my dvom and it is charging at 14.6. so I think I got her going. thanks for your replies @BodybyFisher if you see anybody having a similar problem send them my way. and I can add pictures of the tensioner.
  4. the belt that runs the alternator feels loose to me, I dont have a tension tester but will get one when I pick up the alternator in the morning. When I popped the hood there were flames coming out of the alternator but just blew on it and they went out. I replaced the battery because I did notice there was some acid coming out of the top just a little though so i figured better just replace it
  5. Hey everyone, just bought a 1982 Eldorado. Drove it home about 1100 miles it did great. It sat for 2 weeks after that while I was at work. Started it up today fine, drove to the store. Came out and it wouldnt start, I replaced the battery and it fired up. drove it 5 minutes to my house and it began to smoke shut it off and opened the hood and the alternator had some flames coming out of it. Does not look like any wires were damaged or anything else, wanted to see if anybody knows the cause and if I should just replace it and see or if there is something else I should check. Thanks all..........4.1 ht4100 v8
  6. Just went out and checked the codes again and I have 2 new ones now: ip1552 history and pz1552 history. Those werent there 2 days ago so now I am wondering if I messed something up trying to get that cover off I couldnt find much on Google about those.
  7. OK so that is the pcm, sorry new to these kind of repairs. So now I know it opens front to back, I tried every way but I did not move the harness it didn't look like it was getting caught on that but I will move it. Thanks for all of your help again. Is the EBTCM under the PCM?
  8. @rockfangd No there is a black plastoc cover over the EBTCM that I can't get off. It has one metal clip on it but I don't see or feel anything else and I can't get it off
  9. @OldCadTech or @rockfangd, either of you know how to remove the cover to the ebtcm that is under the air filter box?
  10. OK will do. I have to work today but have tomorrow off , thanks for your help
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