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Hey all. I have a 1992 seville. Reverse lights went out, when I pulled the assembly there was water in both sides and the sockets were all rusted and couldn't get the bulbs out. I bought replacement sockets and spliced them in. But the reverse only has 2 wires in the original and the replacement has 3. I wired the replacement sockets matching the original.  And now I'm having all different issues such as. The blinkers not working with the lights on or while pressing the brake. Anybody have info or a diagram maybe.  Thank you in advance. 

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Update.  I got the correct 2 wire replacement for the reverse lights. Still having the same issue.  Blinkers work with no lights on. Turn on the lights and it just stays solid. While the blinker is on and I press on the brake they go solid till I let off the brake. I double checked everything as far as I can yell everything is wired in correctly. Anybody have any ideas. Thank you 


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FIXED. Wasn't getting anywhere. Pulled everything apart again to check for the 4th time. Decided to check the bulbs the auto parts store sold me which were 1156 checked in the manual and those are the wrong bulbs 2057 are for the backup lights and 2357 for the park/turn signal. Once I got the correct bulbs (and let the auto parts store employee know) everything works as it should. Hope this helps anyone.  

I am looking for the trunk light left and right if anyone knows where to find them left and right.  Thanks again 

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Good Evening.

Sorry to say but those will probably be almost impossible to find. I have a 97 and there are cracks forming here and there where the units attach to the lid. I have been trying to source a decent set for the last few years and all I find are worse than mine. If I see something I will be sure to post for you.

Glad you got the lights working properly. 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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