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The Ground Wire on the NorthStar?


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Can a frayed or exposed ground wire mounted near the battery cause interuppted or intermient condtions? My ground was recently tighten, however we noticed that the cable was damaged showing exposed wires. The other end of the ground wire is connected to or near the compressor. $45 bucks for the part and $245 for the labor. The dealership mechanic claims it is a task getting to the commpressor area, a couple of hours work. Last year the wire was loose and caused major problems, with everyone in disagreement over what was causing the battery not to recharge or start car, the alternator, the battery or the starter. After going thru 2 alternators and 2 die hard batterys, we tighten the ground wire, car been fine every since. At idle after changing the spark plugs, dealership throttle body cleaning with new fuel filter and cleaned the EGR Valve, the car still runs a little rough or unsmooth. However, the car runs a whole lot better. Last Tune up was 2001 with new wires and plugs. Should the ground wire be replaced showing the exposed area or an it wait?


93 STS

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James, this is a situation where the labor involved is where the cost is. We are not talking about rocket science here. If I were you, I would order the wire from gmotors.com or rockauto.com and do it myself. To H with the $245 labor cost... Get your NOSE in there and do it, that is what this board is for, we will help you... Mike

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Hmmm.....I don't remember that ground cable being that difficult to access that it would take two hours. As long as the ground wire is not severed and the car runs fine, just clean the insulation and wrap it with electrical tape.

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The ground wire is exposed, but not cut into... is that correct?

If that is the case, I would follow KHE's advice, don't replace it

because of the fray...Clean it up with brake parts cleaner or something

other than water based, so you don't have to woory about trapping


"After going thru 2 alternators and 2 die hard batterys, we tighten the ground wire, car been fine every since. "

I would be more suspect of the connections at both ends

of the ground cable. If this has been an issue before, then fraying of the

cable should not cause the problem. Clean up the connections, add a

lock washer of some sort, and coat with battery cable protectant from NAPA,

good stuff. Clean, coat or wrap the fray to keep it from progressing.

my .02

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