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OEM garage door opener


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the garage door opener in my 97 seville isn't working.

i thought i would ask before i start taking it apart.

it's three buttons and an amber LED.

the valet button seems to be working since i know it is tied in with the GDO.

any help would be appreciated.



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Are you sure that the VALET button in the glove box did not inadvertently get switched on? That would explain the lack of power to the opener.

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This happens to mine occasionally...the inadvertant relay or something

per a previous post I have not worked on yet.

But the overhead lights adjacent to the homelink transmitter don't come on either.

I read a previous post and shook the casing surronding the relay and it all came

up again.

Maybe next weekend...this weekend's priority was the brakes.


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I found the problem!

When I removed the trim I found the blue/white striped wire broken at the connector. The orange wire was fine.

I've got to go repair it, just wanted to let you guys know.

Thanks for the help.


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