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SRX earns glowing press

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Another glowing SRX review from northern Pennsylvania:


The SRX establishes a new benchmark for performance, and then adds true road and off-road flexibility that is important in this “consumer fussy” medium-sized luxury SUV segment

Whatever path the driver decides upon, SRX can get the job done. Be it a utility vehicle that needs to tow 3,500 pounds or a sport sedan facing a 300-mile highway trip, SRX boldly proclaims Cadillac’s arrival in this segment. Our SRX was a true attention-getter all week, generating many quick compliments but also serious discussions about the vehicle’s capabilities and performance attributes.


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I've never been a fan of SUV's but I do like the look of the SRX. I've seen a couple of them around town and they look pretty sharp!

I wish it had a real name, though. Three letter designations that don't stand for anything are hard to keep straight (I had to check the Cadillac website before writinig this just to be sure the SRX is what I thought it was - on the other hand, everybody knows what an Explorer is).

I'll bet the SRX will be a hot seller!


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Not my kind of vehicle but it is really sharp. I was a little shocked be the price - $50 k which puts it right up there with the Escalade.

I agree about the names instead of letters. Another thing I don't like is that you buy a CTS and it could be anyone of 3 models - the standard, the luxury and the sport. I believe the same thing will be true of the STS. If you buy a 4 WD top of the line 8 cylinder, it will have the same name as the least expensive RWD 6 cylinder. Let's face it, one of the perks of driving a prestige car is the prestige and I think this takes away from it. But what do I know. Surely Cadillac has people who know more about this stuff than I do. Well, don't they?

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I agree, the SRX is not bad looking for an SUV. If I had a bunch of kids I might consider one, then again I wouldn't want a bunch of kids in a $50,000 SUV anyway. Hmmm, I wonder how Cadillac intends to market this this thing to the soccer mom set?

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