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Chrysler 300 vs Caddy


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I have noticed that there have been a number of Chrysler 300's in various shows etc, where Caddies would normally rule (diplomatic, executive, gangster cars etc). Perhaps it just that they are the latest pretty face (beauty being in the eye of the beholder and all), but I believe we need to be cognizant of this trend.

Now, if the 300's were a worthy competitor, then I would not bother you all with this post. However, I have driven a number of rental 300's and they are wimpy and cheap by comparison. To have a Caddy replaced or even just compared to a 300 is down right insulting.

OK, then you may say - what about "The Hemi". This buzzword is simply a combustion chamber configuration mind you, not even 4-valves, VVT, turbo, supercharger or any significant technological advancement. Add enough displacement and you are bound to get to 340 hp at some point. I have not checked if it "The Hemi" was even at 300 hp per 4.6 liter / 279 cubic inches or 469 at only 4.4 liter for a STS-V (that is some hi power crank'in). (kinda handicapped onthe math stuff just right now...)

So, again you may say - but what about "the Hemi", then I say well, if its worth a sh_t, than why didn't Chrysler put "The Hemi" in every 300 it makes? This aspect seems to be the equivalent of "puttin yer money whar yer mouth is". Can you imagine a Caddy with a wimpy V-6? Well, then why not a 4-cylinder or even leave the motor out - and just park it in front of the house to polish it?

Those sorry a_s 300's have the worst seating / sight arrangement of any new vehicle out there. And the polyvinyl chlorides positively reek. That's it I'm not renting another one no matter what. I guess its time for me to put the money...

So why my rant? Well, I'll tell you. I drove my boss'es new 300 the other day because he threw me the keys like it was some kind of treat... He was braggin about the rear wheel drive and kickin out the back end, etc... <_<

My '99 GMC pickup has more hair on its a_s than that 300. And the BRD (The Big Red Dog, AKA a '94 DCS Deville Concours Sedan with 183,000+) would positively smoke either one in ANY comparison (luxery -, hard runnin and dang near hauling capacity).

I'm a thinkin, by God I'll show him how to power- claw through gravel corners, f-that slidin crap. I might just bring out the BRD to work, throw him the keys - but tape a "Depends" to the seat before he gets on it.

OK, then I'm done and going back to finish off the "Kendall- Jackson" :rolleyes:

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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Man!......that was some post TDK. I enjoyed every single word Kendall Jackson had to say. Perhaps we should make sure you have a lifetime supply. LOL

"Burns" rubber

" I've never considered myself to be all that conservative, but it seems the more liberal some people get the more conservative I become. "

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I agree that Chrysler has done a wonderful job marketing the Hemi engine, though it's certainly not any innovative technology...or even a true hemispherical combustion chamber even.

At 340 hp / 5.7L, the hp/L ratio for the Hemi is 59.65.

At 300 hp / 4.6L, the hp/L ratio for the North* is 65.22.


At 390 lb*ft / 5.7L, the tq/L ratio for the Hemi is 68.42.

At 295 lb*ft / 4.6L, the tq/L ratio for the North* is 64.13.

The Hemi engine is certainly no stand-out, and shows that displacement, not technology, is getting the numbers. Chevy's LS2 engine, also 5.7L, blows the Hemi away.

Compare the Hemi in a 300 to the Vortec 5300 in a new Impala:

At 303 hp / 5.3L, the hp/L ratio for the 5300 is 57.16.

At 325 lb*ft / 5.3L, the tq/L ratio for the 5300 is 61.30.

I think it's funny in the trucks too...everyone has a 5.6-6.0L engine that makes 325-350 horsepower; the Hemi ain't no stand-out. Even Nissan's 5.6L DOHC V-8 engine, which only makes 305 hp, outruns a comparably-equipped Hemi Ram. The Hemi ain't all that...but the marketing is. We are a fickle bunch.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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I have noticed that there have been a number of Chrysler 300's in various shows etc, where Caddies would normally rule (diplomatic, executive, gangster cars etc)"

Ah, I think it's as simple as the 30/50 ratio..For 30 grand less a pop they look ok at 50 feet.. ;)

'93 STS.. opened, dropped, wide...fast.

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