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Faulty GM suspension Diagram?


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Help Calling all experts. For a 1998 STS on the cadillac-parts-dealer.com site if you look at the suspension component diagram ie the spring and struts etc it look like the spring is upside down.? Shouldn't the big end of the spring sit on top of the base of the strut and the small part to the body/frame of the car? That's how it is on my car. I did have the front struts replaced so maybe they were put on backwards!! I need to buy the spring insulator cushions for the bottom of the spring. The diagram list #10 which I already bought from the dealer but if my springs are in the wrong way or if the diagram is wrong then I need #12. The dealer has the same diagram.

Also how the hell do you attach images to posts!!. I have the diagram saved but I can't attach it


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On caddyinfo...you basically have to upload the image to a server. Then post the site.

As for the strut. Good question. The GM software shows this image.


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In this case, for an image on the net already, right-click on the image, and choose properties. Copy the address (URL) of the image. In your message, press the IMG button. Paste in the image URL.


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