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Don't let the subtle design fool you. The all-new BMW M5 isn't just a tuned-up version of the standard 5-Series. It boasts "Formula One technology and power," declared Ulrich Bruhnke, the new head of the automaker's high-performance M division (and formerly head of rival AMG, the muscle division of Mercedes-Benz). The latest incarnation of the M5 features a new, high-revving V-10, the first ever in a production sedan. It's 500-inch displacement punches out a full 500 horsepower. Officially, the Bavarian rocket is just a concept vehicle - but just for the moment. That's because of curious rules at the Geneva Motor Show. In reality, revealed Bruhnke, "You can expect the introduction of a production model before the end of this year."  Over the years, BMW has been cautious about building up its M lineup, often dropping a particular model for a year or more before offering up a replacement. But that is apparently about to change, Bruhnke hinted to TheCarConnection. In his previous position at Mercedes, the affable executive oversaw a grand transition; there are now AMG versions of virtual all of the automaker's products, even the big G-Class SUV. Bruhnke wouldn't say if BMW would go the same, precise route, but he did say that there will be "many more" M

models added in the next few years.


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I love those M cars, and have driven a really fast one (aren't they all?). Maybe some day I will have $75 G's to blow on an M5... wait, I would just buy two Cadillacs if I had that kinda money... 5 series have less shoulder room than the Sevilles, that's why my 6'8" frame will be driving Cadillacs for some time to come...


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I'm not that big on importd while i'm living in the US but back in the early 80' i was living in Italy and was lucky enough to purchase a 1979 bmw m1 it sure was a nice car. I should have brought that one back to the US. In italy racing is the thing to do on the weekends alot of car clubs and some very nice exotic cars floating around dirt cheap by are standards.On the weekends the car clubs would meet in various small towns and picnic and party have some fun after the races.We would meet in a small town and race to another town usually about 50 to100 mile course town to town and it was flat out racing through the country side that sure was fun.It would be nice if we had this here.The cops would even block some of the major road ways so we could pass through woth out any issues. It sure was fun living in a place that had no speed limits on the auto stradas(freeways) go as fast as you want..You do see some bad accidents almost all body baggers.I've been on the autostradas cruising at 130 or 140 mph no traffic in the straight aways and some cars have just shot by me like I was standing still..no to far down the road you would see them run into something like a truck or bus you could not even tell what kind of car it was due to it was so mangled. A friend of mine brought a new fleetwood over to italy and that car was huge in the small towns you could not even go down the side streets it was too wide.He had to park it at the edge of towns and take a taxi. If my job takes me back there I'll grab something exotic car get back in the car clubs and have some fun on the weekends.

Sorry this was long winded I just like the exotic super cars but know where to enjoy them here unlees you go to the track..



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I drive for a automotive body shop so I get to test and play with a lot of different cars. The BMW 5 and 7 Series are the most impressive handling cars I've driven.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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The just released CTS-V sports a 400hp LS6 and according to a number of posts by former and current M5 owners who traded their M's for V's, the CTS-V currently matches the M5 in the handling and interior refinement departments.

Cadillac has hinted that the next CTS-V will share the same engine as the most powerful Corvette, be that Bluedevil, LS7 or whatever they eventually call it and will have 500+ hp. This new CTS is rumored to arrive in time to fully compete with the new M5.

Competition is good and the best from Cadillac is yet to come.


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