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  1. Hi all, been a long time since I have been on the forum. I have a 2011 V Coupe that I track. I have been using Performance Friction pads that they made as a prototype but they no longer make them. Does anybody else track their car and any suggestions on track pads? Have tried Hawk DTC 70's but went thru them in a weekend and don't stop as well as Performance friction pads.
  2. Hi Bruce. Been a while since I have been on the forum. I now have a 2011 V Coupe which of course I have built to over 700 at the crank and 600 at the wheels on E-85 as it is now a flex fuel car. The STS has been in moth balls so I decided to sell her.
  3. Asking $15,000 99 Cadillac STS Modifications Car looks and acts 100% stock. Everything works including a/c. True sleeper. High 10’s in qtr. mile Engine Mods Block has been timecerted Darton sleeved ARP studs Arias pistons, springs & retainers Eagle rods Ported heads Ported throttle body and intake Cometic head gaskets 60 lb/hr injectors Aluminum fuel rails Braided Teflon fuel lines and fittings Holley 950 standalone engine computer Transmission Mods Custom limited slip differential (no torque-steer at all) Custom built trany (good to 1000hp) Custom torque converter PCS fully programmable computer for 4T80E Custom trans cooler/fan Custom paddle shifter on steering wheel Turbo Custom built 70mm Scavenge pump for oil return to pan Turbosmart waste gate Raptor blow off valve Treadstone dual intercooler Additional Mods 255 Walboro pump Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator Wide band Greddy Profec-B boost controller in dash Burns stainless exhaust pre cat Corsa catback exhaust Electric exhaust cutout Powerstop slotted rotors w/Hawk racing pads
  4. Well it's been about a year since my last post. Thought I would update. Before going for my run I decided to go on the highway and check everything. Pushed it and thought I blew the tranny. Was super busy and didn't have time to mess with it so just stabled the car for a while. Jim(the guy who has helped me on this project from beginning) has experience in trannys now so we decided to tear it down ourselves. Tore it apart over the winter and to our surprise there was nothing wrong with the tranny. I had been beating on this thing hard for 6 months and you could still see "borg warner" on the clutches. We were very impressed. Jeff Ianitello of Engineered Performance built the tranny for me and I would highly recommend him. Turns out I blew up the converter and sheared the nut off the main shaft of the turbo all at the same time. It was a cheap turbo so I had a custom 70mm built and had the converter beefed up to handle 800hp. After getting it back together I decided to shed as much weight as possible so in my spare time started to strip the car. Was able to lose 500lbs. Unhooked ride sensors so shocks fully inflated, put 2"skinnys on the back and put 11.5x28x16" slicks on the front. Whole setup looked pretty jank but was going for time and speed, not looks.OH MY GOD it pulled like a raped ape. Best time was 11.24 @124mph spinning the slicks thru 1st and 2nd. We determined that given the weight of the car, front wheel drive and that much power it just was not going to hook. But with that ET and MPH it is a 10 second car. Decided to retire from the track, put the car back together and just enjoy it now that I know what it can do. Finally met my goal. Was on highway about month ago and came up on a Rossion Q1. I was only running 15lbs of boost and stayed head to head with him til he backed off at 110mph. If I'd been running 20lbs of boost I would have walked away from him big time. Let me tell you he was pissed off. Car is running perfect. May be looking to let her go and move on to another project. Here is a link to video of car. Have had over 300,000 hits on original video. Mark
  5. Hi all. I'm still alive and kicking. Haven't been on this site in forever. Car is still running good. Finally found someone that can rebuild a 4T80E that can hold 800HP. I have a bigger turbo and am going to the track tomorrow shooting for the 10's. Best run to date was 11.8 @ 120mph with basically stock tranny that just couldn't take it. That was little over a year ago. Now have strong tranny with 3500 stall converter. Quest is for anything in the 10's. I'm running 60lb/hr injectors at 22lbs of boost and they are about maxed out. We are estimating about 750-775hp at the crank. Took it out on the highway the other day with race gas and tune is perfect. Wish me luck. Mark 99 STS Turbocharged
  6. Well it's been a long time since I have been on the forums. Been very busy personally with work and have about a million irons in the fire on every other front. Thought I would update everybody on the car. It's running great but I've been wanting to get in the 11's for a long time at the track and I new I would have to do some more upgrades to get there. I am now running a 70mm turbo and added an electric exhaust cutout to maximize the efficiency of the 3" pipe coming off the turbo and it sounds awesome. I upgraded the injectors to 60lb as the 42's were maxed out at 14psi. I decided to give it a shot on the last day of the season for test & tune. I ran the car almost completely out of gas and for safety, put in 7 gal of 115 octane race gas even though I had a good tune on the car but I have never run over 14 lbs of boost and we were planing on cranking it up to 20 lbs of boost. I data logged my first run and I about crapped when I reviewed it. I hit 21.4 lbs of boost and it held it rock steady thru the entire run. I did a 12.20 at 118 mph. The problem was I had so much power I roasted the slicks all thru 1ST and 2ND gear. After the run I talked to a couple people there who saw me run and they looked at my slicks and said they were no good as they are about 3yrs old and had hardened which is why I was getting no traction. I needed more weight on the front so I disconnected the links in the back to make the shocks go to max height and figured I would just sit in the pit and smoke the crap out of the tires to get them as hot and sticky as I could . I power braked on the line to build about 2 lbs of boost and let it rip. I still spun in 1ST but 2ND and 3RD grabbed and I ended up doing an 11.82@ 119.4 mph. My 60 foot was still horrible but at least I got in the 11's. I have it on video and I am having a freind combine it with the other video of the car on you tube and put it all in one . Jim is also going to put it up on his website so I will get the link posted as soon as it is ready. Mark 99STS
  7. I have a set of cams that will fit 93-99 Eldorado or Seville VIN 9 Motors. These are high performance cams. Only 800 miles on the cams. Duration: 280 intake 272 exhaust Lift: 414 intake 396 exhaust Make offer!! Thanks Mark
  8. I have a set of heads out of my 99 STS. They will fit 98-99. Thanks Mark
  9. I have an EDGE 2400 stall torque converter out of my 99 STS. It only has about 1500 miles on it. I took it out when I rebuilt my tranny the first time and upgraded to a 3600 stall converter. Best offer!! Thanks Mark
  10. Thanks Jim I am already using an external fan tranny cooler. Thanks Ed, I will check them out
  11. Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on the boards. Hope everyone is doing ok. The Caddy keeps getting better and better. Just to bring everybody up to speed, I am now running a 950 Holley stand alone engine management system along with a PCS stand alone tranny controller specifically for the 4T80E. The stock PCM controls all the rest of the car as normal. The motor has a Darton sleeve with forged pistons and rods, ARP head bolts and stock crank. It is good to 1000HP. I upgraded the turbo to 70-1 instead of the 62-1 I was running. I also got a Greddy Profec-B electronic boost controler that I mounted in the dash so it looks stock. I still have the Corsa exhaust. The guy that helped me build the car decided to get a portable "Dyno Dynamics" dyno and I have partnered with him to be the operator to go to events and do tunning. Since I have the dyno at my disposal I decided to experiment. I have a 3" down pipe coming off the turbo going into a 2.5" just in front of the CAT and continuing on back through the Corsa. Turbos don't like back pressure and I know I was choking it by going from 3" down to 2.5". I was only able to get the boost up to 11.5 lbs. so I thought what if I drop the pipe right berfore it rduces and put it on the dyno. OH MY GOD what a differencce. The boost went up to 15.5 and I gained a full 73hp to the WHEELS which is about an extra 100 to the crank. I was at 410 and then it jumped to 483. That is close to 600 at the crank. I couldn't just leave that kind of power on the table so I put an electric cutout on the exhaust so I can pick up that exra 100hp with the click of a switch. Really cool! The car did a 12.25 @118mph spinning the slicks through 2nd gear. If it woould ever hook it would be in the mid 11"s(tough to do on a front wheel drive with that kind of power) Any...... way as you probably guessed a completely blew up the tranny. It completely fused the clutch packs so I have no 1st or reverse. I know that way back for some of us oldtimers on the original board I rember a link to a place in NY that supposedly made a bullet proof 4t80e. Does anybody know where I can get upgraded parts for the tranny, bigger valve bodies, thicker and stronger clutches, etc. Now that I have created a monster I would like to see it live for a while so I can enjoy it. That is my weak link right now. Any input would be appreciated.
  12. Actually I was running slicks with only 13psi and still spun thru 1st gear. The track was cold as it was only about 45 out. I never backed off the throttle at all. If I could have hooked, I know I would have been in the high 11's. I will try again when the track opens in the spring. Yes Mike I have a limited slip(posi front wheel drive) and I had traction control off. Off the line it is still slow untill the turbo kicks in. That is what you here about 30-40ft out and that is when the tires blow off. I need to experiment with power braking and other techniques to spool the turbo at the line. I also think I have to much boost when it hits. Like a nitos shot. My electronic boost controller has a low and high setting so I can 2 stage it off the line. Again I will have to experiment as this was my first time out with the new motor. Also keep in mind that I am now running only a 9.5- 1 compression which allows me to crank the boost higher, but it is slower out of the hole.
  13. Ok I finally got the video of my 12.5 second run at the track. Enjoy
  14. Yes the web site is down as I had to change my hosting and couldn't carry it forward. I am looking into putting a new site together in the future. The mortgage business has been very bad. That is why I have had to put a lot of things on hold as I have been looking into a posible career change. But I hope to come thru everything ok. Hope things are going well with you. Mark I am curious if you considered what AJ is recommending, the LS1 PCM, did your electronics genious consider that idea? I think the LS1 is a 16 valve engine, I can't understand how it would work with a 32 valve engine. reflash?,and reflash with what? AJ has done some work with the guys on the other side and reportedly is a GM mechanic. Based on our discussions over the years, I came away thinking that NOT MUCH could be done with the STOCK PCM, what do you recall about your testing? AJ seems to have been able to change shift points and other parameters, what was your experience. I have always been impressed with who you have consulted with to do your modifications and work, so for AJ to criticise your work without details and seeing your results to me it premature and presumptive. I am sure there is more than one way to skin a cat-allac, and to be closed to new ideas is a great way to fail.. But I guess AJ knows the way AJ, Mark consulted with the GURU, who was part of the NORTHSTAR Powertrain Design team and his personal technician is sharp... Mark, with your current setup, what has happened to the rest of the car's electronics, it works fine standing alone? The reason you piggybacked your PCM was to retain functionality of the car, Thanks, Mike As you know my original goal was to turbo the car and use the stock computer and have no codes so everything else in the car would fuction properly. That alone was a big experiment because no one had ever tried it and I was told it couldn't be done. As it turned out we were able to do a lot of modifications and had no codes, but when the motor blew for the very reason I wanted to try it (stock computer), I decided to go a different route. Alan at CHRFAB has been using the Holley for years and has adapted it to his applications of the Northstar so I figured I would have a good starting point at least for the base map and timing and he had designed a custom harness just for the N*. That is why I went with the Holley, no muss no fuss and you can program it on the fly. No flasing involved. Same with the PCS tranny controller. They have a program specifically for the 4T80E. If I was going out of stock into stand alone territory I wanted something that was already proven to work and CHRFAB and PCS have that. Granted neither had tried thier applications in a stock STS application so I was still in uncharted waters, but with a few modifications everything works fine. ALL functions of the car work. I do have a "service engine" on constantly, but I expected that since the computer dosen't see an engine or tranny to control so I am sure it is freaked out. I am just glad everything else works. I am going to pull the bulb and just check for other codes occasionally. Unfortunately all monitoring of the tranny and engine are up to me thru datalogging of both stand alone computers, but that is what I used to do before the age of computerized cars.(showing my age here)