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Stead "Noise" from front end when driving

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Drove my GF's Black/Black 1994 Seville (nee SLS) yesterday. It's the gift I get for washing it, maintaining it, and updating/upgrading the wheels/tires monthly. So I'm hearing some 'noise' from the front end when driving. It goes with speed so it's driveline related. All I can describe it as is a steady noise. Noise stays if I drop it into Neutral and coast. I'm 'thinking' it's a hub or bearing of something around the spindle.

Comments? Thoughts?



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My money is that its a hub bearing. My '93 SLS ate these. 3 or 4 of them in 200K.

Failures can have different sounds....some growl.....some zing. Some show up during turns.

The hubs are about $150 aftermarket.

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