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Is there a headgasket repair in a bottle?


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I have a little combustion getting into the coolant, It takes a while to start to get hot past operating temp But once it starts it overheats I took it to caddy they want $3,400 to repair it! I am pissed! I had the half case leak fixed awhile back about $3,900 and a main beairing start to go out so they replaced all the rod and conectting beairings about 2,800!!!!! WHAT the ###### do I do now! thats over $10,000 in just engine repairs!!!!!! I love my STS!!!! But darn it I dont know what to do!!!! Sorry about my foul words!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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Google "head gasket repair".

There are some over the counter types for $10. and a anther internet one for $100.

I got some of the $10. stuff at NAPA and am going to try it on a 94 Honda this weekend. I'll let you know how it comes out.

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Where did you get it? how much?

it might work for the time being but rest assure you will have to repair them eventually

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I assume you are talking about a coolant additive? I remember when my head bolts were pulled on my northstar one suggestion was just put in extra sealant tablets into the coolant and see if they could seal it well enough. The argument from engineering was it might not work, but what do you have to lose? $4 in sealant vs $3500 engine repair?


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Well that sucks. Northstar half seals and leaking head gasket are the two common repairs that keep my mechanic friend busy and his kids in private school.

Presumably your engine has already been timecert'd after the previous work, so I don't know why the head gasket repair would be anywhere near that expensive. A first time repair, including the timecert installation, would carry a high price tag.

EDIT - there are several quick fix head gasket repair solutions (scams?) on the market. e.g. http://www.rxauto.com/ Do a google on 'head gasket repair' and you'll find several similar products. It would be nice to know if any of these have ever produced a lasting cure. We all like to save money!

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