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Let me preface this by saying that I have not yet diagnosed my problem sufficiently to determine that I have a bad injector or injectors. I'm occassionally smelling gas while driving and my oil smells like gas. I suspect a leaking injector, but it may be something else. I'm not seeing any codes, nor am I detecting any problems with the engine operation.

However, I have a 4.5 Allante and its a fairly involved process to get everything out of the way to pull the rails and the injectors to see what's going on. If I have a bad one, it seems likely that the rest are on their way out. All have 175k+ miles on them.

So, if I find a bad one, I want to replace all of them, but the best price on OEMs I can find is around $80/each for GM or ACDelco. That ends up being around $650 to do them all. Ouch.

I have another set, some of which I know do not work. I could set up some sort of a test rig and pick the best 8 out of the 16 I have. That would only cost me time, and I could end up being in the same predicament down the road.

I could go with aftermarket direct replacements for around $60/each.

I could go with generic aftermarket (Accel, for example) for around $250 / 8

I could get mine reconditioned (or replaced with reconditioned) for around $40/each.

I'm curious what others' experiences are with reconditioning, as that seems the best way to keep the OEM parts, but have a reasonable expectation that they're at least working when I put them in.

OTOH, I've heard that the original injectors of this era (multec?) are problemmatic and that subsituting another brand (Bosch, usually) is a good idea.

I'm typically an OEM guy, but I wonder if I should be in this case.

Any thoughts?

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I managed to get some diagnosing time in.

On the Allante, the hard lines to the fuel rails make it difficult to attach in any place other than where they are mounted. However, I discovered you can detach the front fuel rail, flip it upside-down, and reattach it.

Did that, pressurized the rail and used a 12 volt source to activate the injectors and purge the air.

Found one injector that was obviously leaking, another that had a slow drip, and one that sputtered after I hit it with 12 volts, although I couldn't reproduce the last one.

Looks like I found my problem, now I need some injectors...

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Well, the Cadillac gods must have been smiling down on me last night. :D

On a whim, I checked ebay before heading to bed. A seller had a set of 8 NOS Allante injectors. Auction closed at 10:00pm my time. Got the set for $250 plus shipping. Won't get them until next week, but it will be worth the wait.

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