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Eldorado Bob

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well, based on my earlier thread, i'm going to try the coil pack route to see if i can get the eldo to run smooth again...here is my question..the dealer wants $56.00 a piece for them, and i called Auto Zone and they want $21.00 a piece...Is it OK to get these from anyplace but the dealer or am i asking for trouble..anybody have experience with aftermarket coil packs??? bob...

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I'd try GMPartsdirect.com or www.gmotors.com for the OEM parts at wholesale prices vs. Autozone parts.... :blink:

'93 Fleetwood Brougham
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I forgot to mention, when I was working on my problem, I tried replacing coil packs. I bought them at Autozone. I bought two and replaced them down the line to see if I could pinpoint the bad one. No luck as it was the fuel injector that was causing the problem. I did leave one of the autozone coil packs in (wells) and it works fine. I might put the old one back but it won't make a difference. I can't return them because I already used them. I still have one that I only used to test the others that I don't need.....waste of my money.......

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I have accel super DIS coils in my STS. I can't really say if there is a difference, the other coils were fine - I just wanted to tinker. The Caddy runs fine with no codes for 10 of thousands of miles.

If you want to look at aftermarket coils, you can try Sumitt racing. They sell them for 30-40 apiece.

If you are looking for some good stock coils. I can sell mine.

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If you dont have a scan tool available. The '1 coil at a time' is a valid test to try to find a weak coil.

If you have a suspect 'bad' coil. You swap the new coil one position at a time.

Now...if you have a scanner available....you should be able to see a bad coil easily...heres a shot of the factory scan tool. The GM Tech2.





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