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I wouldn't use ANY ramps that weren't cross-braced. If I didn't know their weight bearing capacity, I'd give them to someone I didn't like, even if they WERE cross-braced. (Did YOU get your ramps from someone who didn' like you?) Food for thought . . . .

That said, ramps are not a real problem for me. I'm old enough and with enough cash on my hip that it would be someone ELSE under the ramps. :o

navion is correct, however, there's only ONE way to go. A hydraulic floor jack and jack stands that are heavily overated.

Back in the '60s (Okay, maybe '70s) the Editor of Corvette Magazine proselitized about NEVER getting under a Corvette on a floor jack without jack stands in place. I'll give you one guess how he died.



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Definately weld the braces on the sides, I have crushed a set of these myself!

It is not fun...They cause some damage when you do crush them.

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I really hate to belabor this thread (I really do), and I also hate to get into a "mine's better" war, but there are apparently two different Blitz Rhino Ramps out there (or at least two styles). The kind I have don't match JimD's at all...perhaps mine are the 12,000 pound ones and Jim's are the 8,000 pound models? Mine have a lot more internal ribbing, and like I said earlier, I think I could set my house on these and they wouldn't break!


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I wouldn't drive a Toyota up on ramps, and I hate Toyotas! I have been called by buddies, and people who "know what I do" to ask me to help them get their cars off these ramps because they lost traction while ascending on them leaving the car in a precarious situation! Usually it is the ramp that loses grip, and slides to a position that we don't even want to wish on a Honda owner! But if you bolt them to the ground, so they can't move, then and only then will I consider them an asset.

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