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I have a 2006 Cadillac SRX V6 with approximately 140k miles on it. The AC stopped working last summer and I didn't get it fixed. Few days ago I noticed a grinding/ rattling noise under the hood. I was told that my air compressor bearing was bad. The shop said I couldn't bypass with a different belt or bearing. They said I needed a whole new air compressor which is going to be $1k and that includes labor. Is getting a new compressor my only option? Thank you!


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Welcome to CaddyInfo.

Very likely you do need a new compressor. 

It may be just the clutch that failed, but when the clutch goes it can lock the compressor on and contaminates the system. If you got really lucky the clutch failed and did not take out the compressor. Sadly more times than not I see contamination throughout the system.  

There is a quick test to tell you if compressor failed internally. Try to turn the inner part of the clutch. Outer side is the pulley, inner side is the clutch. If the inner part turns then you may have got lucky. But if the clutch does not turn then the compressor seized

If system got contaminated it would need orifice tube, compressor, receiver/dryer, and possibly condenser.

If system is not contaminated I would still replace the entire compressor 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I disagree.......The clutch assembly is designed to be serviced. I've replaced a few compressors but many clutch assemblies.

It looks like you might have 2 failures going on. It sounds like the AC coil went first (it happens). And now the clutch bearing is going (it happens). 

Based on age and mileage. It would be much more economical to replace the clutch and coil assembly. 

The coil part has the wire coming from it. 

The clutch bearing is part of the slightly rusty looking part. 


Most AC shops want to just replace the entire compressor. It's more money for them in parts and labor. 



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I did forget to mention I live and work in NY. Changes everything lol. If I don't have to evacuate a system I won't. Sometimes I have bought the clutch and coil but had to change the whole compressor. Other times I have bought the whole thing but have been able to swap the components over. Mixed bag of crap as to how it goes. Broken bolts, rust, you name it...

I do not make more money no matter how I do it. Just work


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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