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Hi, just a simple wheel fitment question, 1994 5 x 115 Caddy wheel & Pontiac 1997

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Writing you from a muggy, wet snowy Sweden/Europe.

I still drive my 1994 Seville STS Nothstar. not daily, but year round..yep!


Trying to save some money and not spend too much on a set of wheels/tires should the roads ice up suddenly, (just a few months left of

winter now I hope..

So, I found a set of Pontiac wheels off a 1997 Grand Prix ..Im thinking of using. (they come with 225/60 16 regular tires, see image)


I have a set of 225 60 proper "Nokian" winter tires (just the tires) "snowflake marked", not just your avarage Mud/Snow..so

they are legal over here.


So.. Does anybody know if those Pontiac Wheels (I found) could FIT on a Cadillac 1994 STS ?

1997 Pontiac wheels seems to be 5 x 115mm from my research, but has a slightly different offset..


In the event,  that they don´t rub on anything when mounted on the Cadillac, could the different offset ruin things? bearings? load?

Im only gonna use this set up for a few months, in the event..

Many thanx for looking!









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Hello. I do believe they are the same. Only from the W-Body worked on the Caddys iirc. I had my Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme rims on my 96 Deville in the winter with no problems.

Rim size should be 16" by 6.5 38mm offset. 4.5" lug pattern


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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