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New driver side mirror and passenger side mirror suddenly stoped working

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I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville. The passenger side mirror was replaced about a year ago and now is not moving. Also the

passenger side mirror is not moving. Our mechanic replaced the switch but with no success.

He said both mirrors are bad. What can make a barely used new mirror not work?

It worked when it was installed but hen both mirrors are not working.

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My guess is broken wires in the wiring harness where it passes from the body to the door. They can flex and break over time. 

Picture is a exaggerated example.....and is not from a Cadillac.  


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I agree with Logan.

If you had the switches like the Eldo and the Seville of this era they were really common to failing. But usually it would either fail up and down or left and right, but not both. 

I rather doubt it is the mirrors themselves. Other than the heated glass issue I have never had motors fail on them

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