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Can’t open passenger door 1999 deville

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So the outside handle and lock  has become unhinged from its resting place. Now I cannot unlock door or open it. Tried taking door panel off but with door shut it’s next to impossible. So I looked down inside door best I could but idk what im looking for. Really need to open door and get panel alll way off. Is there way to bypass handle and lock ? Lol I know dumb question… but I need door open to fix. Yea I tried key to unlock but nothing happens

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I am assuming power lock actuator is not working...

What does the inside door handle feel like? I wish I could see it in person, have dealt with so many


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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When you say "unhinged from its resting place" I am assuming you mean it has disconnected from it's linkages inside the door?

If that is the case and the inside door handle is also feeling disconnected I would look at the one common point.  The latch itself.  Where both the inside and outside handles come together.  Try to find a picture on the internet of the latch. I have not found one yet.  Locate the arm the door handle linkages connect to.

Get some direction from that and I would lower the window and go fishing in there with a wire.  See if you can snag that lever on the latch and pop the door open.  It won't take a lot of pressure.  Then it's just a matter of pulling the panel and see what fell apart or broke.

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