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Running out of patience with my D'Elegance

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Hi all. Could use some motivation. 

Had my 97 D'Elegance for about 5.5 years. Done so much to it to make it nice. It is the most temperamental one I have owned yet.

I had the body work done beautifully... Now rust is plaguing the right rear fender. Started as a bubble, exploded to rust. I constantly wash and coat with oil. Didn't matter.

ABS issue keeps coming back. Always shows stalled ABS pump. Defaults to 2nd gear start. So annoying. Have fixed it and have tried to fix it. Sometimes its fine, sometimes its not. 

Replaced fuel pump unit due to faulty fuel gauge. Well That came back. E F E F E F. Grr. 8 9 8 10 F E.  Every time it goes to E it beeps and says low fuel. That's what I get for going with Aftermarket replacement.

It also throws lean bank 1 and 2 if you let it idle at operating temps. Rarely see it because I nearly never idle it. I checked fuel pressure, replaced filter, inspected under the hood when I did the forward cam cover over the winter. Nothing out of place. Engine runs beautiful. 20 mpg all day long. I bought TB gaskets to inspect there soon. Will probably pull egr at same time

I would love to hit 200k like my others but am tired of the same reoccurring issues. Trust me, I know I am too picky for a 25 year old vehicle. I maintain all of my vehicles the same way.

I am not wanting to get rid of it but as a DD I am thinking I may have to start looking for something else. I work too much, and commit too much time to working lol.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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