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Cadillac explains origins of Lyriq EV name

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Entire lineup will move to names ending in 'iq'

Dauchy told GMA the nomenclature overhaul and the two-letter suffix "[signal] that Cadillac is bringing a different type of vehicle to market, one that works in concert with man, nature, and machine." He's bullish on swaying the public with the product, adding, "When you see [the Cadillac Celestiq], its size, presence and scale all connote the emotion associated with the name."


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So we've seen Cadillac nomenclature change I don't know how many times in the last three decades, nay I say multiple generations confusing the buying public and to a lesser extent the Cadillac faithful (I include myself in this definition).  Who the heck is running the asylum (at Cadillac); it's not funny anymore (as it never was funny to begin with).  Anyone want to give me grief on my exclamation's go ahead but this naming thing is starting to tick me off.   Great product (most of the time), terrible name recognition; YIKES. 


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