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ATS-V Brake Refesh

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4/2/2020 I had the guys over at Linear Automotive in Plano come fetch the ATS-V this week for a brake refresh.  It has 42K miles on it now so they would be needed soonish, and it is a great time to send work to locally owned businesses.

The parts were a little eye watering.  Although my friends at Crest Cadillac in Frisco offered to just change the pads front & rear for $950, no one really turns rotors any more to get them back to flat.  I generally think of an easy brake job as inexpensive, but didn't consider V brakes.

I had the parts shipped from RockAuto.com so the MSRP on each part was signicantly more.  In fact, the first estimate for the whole job was over $3K just to refresh the brakes, pads & rotors. The front rotors retail for $733 each; the right & left are different. The front pads retail for over $500.


Here was the final discount parts / materials bill from Rockauto:

  Part Number Part Type Price EA Core EA Quantity Total
No Vehicle Specified
ACDELCO 1711040 (171-1040) Brake Pad $ 229.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 229.79
ACDELCO 1711127 (171-1127) Brake Pad $ 116.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 116.79
ACDELCO 1771233 (177-1233) Rotor $ 75.79 $ 0.00 2 $ 151.58
2016 CADILLAC ATS 3.6L V6 Turbocharged
ACDELCO 1771194 (177-1194) Rotor $ 354.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 354.79
ACDELCO 1771193 (177-1193) Rotor $ 354.79 $ 0.00 1 $ 354.79
Discount   $ -60.39
Shipping DHL Domestic Express $ 126.97
Tax   $ 101.95
Order Total   $ 1376.27
Visa   -$ 1376.27
Balance Due   $ 0.00

 Then there were labor charges for doing the brakes themselves, and brake fluid flush, so that added another almost $600.

so, the good news is Rockauto and Linear Automotive saved me around $1K compared to full retail for the same parts & services.    The bad news is now I have to recalibrate how much I think it costs to refresh the brakes on a V-Series.



2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing

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Good for another 42,000 miles though 😉

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