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New toy today....Tech 4....GM MDI 2


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Knew I would have to get one someday. Wife has a 2012 Equinox that uses newer GM network platform. No diagnostic coverage using a Tech 2. The Equinox has been suffering some BCM problems lately with no way to plug in.. 

Only thing I could get was powertrain codes using cheapo scanner. 

Anyway.....GM MDI 2. Used. Came in today. It uses a laptop and this interface to do system diagnostics and ....added bonus....program replacement modules. 

There is a MDI 1 version too.....and there are (most of them) Chinese fakes all over the place. 

Will be setting this up over the next week or so. This one is a real Bosch unit. 




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New platform GDS2. See attached chart. 





Mine is a used 500 one. 


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Recent injury kinda put this project on the back burner.


Old Acer laptop is now setup with the GM MDI manager software. 

So then wireless GM GDS2 diagnostics from home network (using ACDelco 3 day subscription) to laptop in garage.....then wireless from laptop to the MDI 2 in the car 30 feet away....it does work.

Lots of BCM codes. Equinox main problems were the wipers and washer would cycle on at key on.....4 way flashers were coming on 30 minutes after key off.  Both go thru the BCM. 

Equinox is fixed with a new BCM. Ended up having local GM shop program the new BCM. 





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