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I have a 2004 DTS drivers window stopped working half way down. From reading  I figured the regulator went bad. Ordered a new one, strange thing is that you cant get the motor with the drivers side window all the rest you can regulator and motor, no one could tell me why. Replace the regulator with original motor and it does not work. There is a door module that I can hear clicking mounted on the door. How can you Check the Motor?Any suggestions?

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Hello. Welcome to CaddyInfo.

If you unplug the motor there is 2 pins. When positive is applied to 1 and negative to the other it should turn, swap the 2 and it reverses direction.

If that passes I would be checking the wires between the body and door for broken wires.

If possible pull the codes as there may be a code for the DDM.

The master window switch may be at fault as well but judging by the clicking you say you hear I am thinking otherwise


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