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My 1996 LED taillight conversion


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Because I like the bold look of LED indicators , I decided to convert my rear turn and brake bulbs, and I thought I would give some tips for anyone thinking the same.

first is that you should purchase the color LED that fits the color of the lens.  In my case, my directional bulbs are red, along with my brake bulbs, so I purchased 4 red LED's. 

To avoid hyper flash (LED's draw less current, so the flasher blinks fast like it does when a bulb is burned out) - at first I thought to install 1 resistor for each bulb. In my case, I replaced 4 bulbs, so I would need 4 resistors wired in to the tail light harness.  I didn't want to cut or splice wires, so I thought to plug them in to the trailer wire socket that is located inside the spare tire housing. I decided to rather buy the blinker module made specifically for LED's.  I simply unplug the original located under the dash, and replaced it with this smaller $2.50 LED compatible one I bought in eBay.  Now my brake bulbs and my rear flashers blink nice and slow, bold red with no warm up and cool down delay.  

I must say that the rear is a little brighter at night, and I am still waiting for my bottom  red 194 bulb that should be here any day.  I accidentally ordered a white bulb, and it is so bright, that it makes the lens look washed out red.  I currently have an incadescent bulb in there now, but it is inherently dim, and the tail fin is not as red at the bottom as it would be with a bright red LED.

i also added 2 bulbs to my 3rd brake lamp inside the rear deck.

didnt know it was possible to make my old '96 scream Cadillac any louder than what it had, but it does! - and it does from 1/4 a mile behind me too!


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I'm going to put LED bulb in the backup light for my 2002 Eldorado.  There is an option for a car that requires a CAN bulb.  Does my car require the CAN bulb designation?


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I do not believe we have the can bulbs.  I think that is what newer cars use.  But I am really not sure.  I ordered mi my make/model/year.   I think you will be pleased with the bright lights.  When in doubt, choose the Cree bulbs because they are the best.

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