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New Codes! PCM P0171 and PCM P0174

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Two new codes popped up...finally getting the hang of the onboard diagnostics...I think i've been missing some of the codes by the way I've been fiddling around with the panel...finally read some directions from the forum...duh!

Found this site to look them up: http://www.obdii.com/codes.asp

Had a few other codes, but after looking them up, I'm not concerned...DDM B1591 (mirror position issue), and IPM B0429 (Temp control #3 Rear circuit...think its a seat heat issue, again...not concerned with that one either, BUT:

PCM P0171: Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1

PCM P0174: Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2


These are obviously about my fuel system......how can I run these down?




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How is the car running?

Usually both of those codes are related to the throttle body plenum boot. (the seal between the TB and intake)

It may look good up top but will leak at the bottom. 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Ha,Ha,Ha...you old cad!

The car runs fine...even when it threw the code.

looked up this on the Utube and it doesn't look too bad of a fix, maybe a bit time consuming, but all on top of the engine... 

I can also see how this might appear and disappear ...a small tear/leak could open and close for a variety of reasons...?


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