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  1. tell me more about the driver door module...couldn't it be bad, with no broken wires?...and can it be tested by itself or rebooted?
  2. Howdy, all! All of a sudden, I am having issues with my window switches, especially from my drivers side ...intermittently goes dead, then will make "contact" and work. Is there a routine to "reboot"/ "reset" the window switches....or any thoughts on this? Usually can make the switch function if I stop, and restart the ignition, which makes me think it is a computer or switch issue. The switches have never gotten wet.
  3. I was hoping that there would be more of a market for the old printed service manuals on the second-hand market since they have been replaced by 22" monitors... where did all the paper manuals end up? Gotta be a big old cave in Iron Mountain keeping them safe till after the Aliens and the firefight....
  4. Thanks, Logan. I'll probably be taking a 3-day look at it in the future. I hate line drawings, tho. I really think good old grayscale photo's of a clean engine with clear notation can provide a lot more guidance.
  5. In another post I asked about sources for the GM service manual and was directed to an online service that provides up to date service manuals for a subscription. In my googling, I also found out that a lot of libraries (mine included) give you access to the Chilton Library. I looked at it and it seemed to give me (an on again/off again DIY shadetree mechanic) more questions than it answered. Illustrations were inadequate and did not have easy to understand links to the written instructions. Have any of y'all seen this and what do you think? Can I expect better tech instruction from the GM online manuals? I realize factory service manual have to assume a higher amount of experience for them to not be redundant for the tech, so I'm just wondering what to expect from them.
  6. Logan, I took a look at the site you linked, and before I drop any change on this: When subscribing to the 3-day option for $20, are you able to download or print out the info to keep as a reference? Are you limited in the amount you can download in the 3 day period? Are there any limitation to this 3-day membership (is it a tease?) ...also I will make a separate post regarding a Chilton library I found online. Maybe it will help others...or not.
  7. I've been looking for a source for a service manual and haven't had much luck...any suggestions? Is this the one I would want...: Helm/GM Service Manual ..or ....?
  8. Ha,Ha,Ha...you old cad! The car runs fine...even when it threw the code. looked up this on the Utube and it doesn't look too bad of a fix, maybe a bit time consuming, but all on top of the engine... I can also see how this might appear and disappear ...a small tear/leak could open and close for a variety of reasons...?
  9. Throttle body plenum boot....is this an easily accessible, cheap, no-knuckle injuring fix?
  10. The were listed as current codes, but they vanished last night on a midnite run to 7-11.....where the hell is the emoji for "quizzical look"......
  11. Two new codes popped up...finally getting the hang of the onboard diagnostics...I think i've been missing some of the codes by the way I've been fiddling around with the panel...finally read some directions from the forum...duh! Found this site to look them up: http://www.obdii.com/codes.asp Had a few other codes, but after looking them up, I'm not concerned...DDM B1591 (mirror position issue), and IPM B0429 (Temp control #3 Rear circuit...think its a seat heat issue, again...not concerned with that one either, BUT: PCM P0171: Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 1 PCM P0174: Fuel Trim System Lean Bank 2 These are obviously about my fuel system......how can I run these down?
  12. Still mulling over the spark plug R+R that is imminent. By the way, I've looked at some old receipts and it shows a 60K tune up at the old Vic Alfonso Cadillac dealership in Portland, Or. It's at 110K now. I purchased it at 94K a little over a year ago. Been Googling and have seen LOT'S of recommendations/comments on sparkplugs. A recurring thread has been one that I have seen often regarding replacing ANYTHING on the Cadillac. Basically,....stick with OEM. Don't be persuaded by "latest, greatest, shiniest" talk. I am persuaded to do this in regards to my plugs because while the info regarding the Iridium and electrical stuff is great, the greatest factor I am considering is the length of service for the plugs. From what I've read, the Iridium is up to and probably passing 100k miles. Quite impressive, I thought, until I read that the OEM AC/Delco Double Platinum was also rated up to 100k....and it's OEM. This would satisfy both of the boxes I'm considering....and a few bucks cheaper, to boot. Speaking of boots, (nice segue, nohilow), I'll replace them, too. Any suggestions on ones to consider? Silicone or Rubber? I thought all heat and elect pieces and parts would have gravitated over to silicone, but looking at the boot info, it seems there are still rubber ones out there.
  13. Are codes "date/time stamped" for later reference? Can a reader see these time stamps? Can a reader accomplish the same result as the "fast" power down , cable routine? I can see the benefit of knocking all the weeds down to get a good sense of what is happening "now". What other info does a reader give me? Will the small, smart-phone, bluetooth readers I"ve seen advertised for "cheap" do the same thing as a "pro" reader? I got one of those a few years ago...never used it, never plugged it in, never installed the smartphone app. (I was going through personal issues...I think it can be called "Amazon Fever"....( probably much better ones avail now...better go look...maybe not...don't need a relapse!) Lot's of questions regarding the reader, huh?...basically trying to see if it is worthwhile for this old goat to add a "real" reader to his on again/off again mechanics tool box. Can't see it worth my while to spend alot of money, but I have seen some cheaper ones advertised at HF. I normally use HF for throwaway or consumable items, but this may be Really happy with the DTC so far, just looking to improve my game! With y'all's help...
  14. When I am asked if I want to clear all codes, are they permanently deleted? I've seen mention of a procedure to clear codes by touching the unattached battery leads together for a few seconds...why is that different than clearing all codes on the dash? Also, can a code reader find deleted codes?
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