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99 DeVille front and rear running lights

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My front and rear running lights are not working on my 99 DeVille, I've checked the fuses in both fuse blocks under the hood but they're all good. Is there any other fuse blocks i should check before I start trying to find the loss of power in the wires?

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Isn't there a fuse block in the trunk behind the panel that is at the front end of the trunk?  The Sevilles of that platform ('92-'97) had a fuse panel on the driver's side behind the front of the carpeted panel.  There are two fuses for the parking lights - one for each side of the car.

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Do they work when manually turned on via the headlight switch?

If they do I would suspect the sunload sensor in the center of the dash. 

When you say running lamps I assume toy are referring to the parking lamps. also do your dash lights work?

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