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New 99 Deville 50th Anniversary owner

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Hey Guys,

I am the proud new owner of a 99 DeVille 50th Annyversary Gold edition. I bought it as the 3rd owner with a little less than 30k miles on it. The car has some minor cosmetic issues, but mechanically works perfectly right now.

Turns on easy (althoug battery might be a little low), does not overheat (maximum I have seen when stopping right after highway was 222, with an outside temp of 80, which I believe is normal for this cars?), Everything works as expected, no error codes nor alarms.

I believe those had a massage function, but have no clue how to turn it on. Seated heats, memory, positioning, everything working as expected.

So, I hope to learn a lot from you guys, and any information on hidden features, possible problems, what to look for, etc... will be much appreciated.


P.S. I will post some pictures of the car when I am done cleaning and detailing it. It really needs a HUUUGE cleaning.

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Congratulations on finding a time capsule, forgotten for years.


Change ALL the fluids.. The vehicle has been sitting in a dormant state for almost 18 years. Unless you have recent records, I would would change them all, Pwr Strng, Brake fluid ( switch to DOT-5 ), COOLANT !!, Trans Fluid, and of course Engine Oil. There has been a LOT of moisture absorption from condensation over the years, the sooner it's changed the better. Cheap insurance for longer vehicle life.

Almost forgot - check the tires. Tires expire in six years. Build dates are on the "inside" of the tire close to the bead.


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Hi Guys,


Thank you for your insight. Last owner only had the car for a little over a year. It has new tires on it and all the fluids look "healthy". Will definitely change them, and filters, though, as I don't have any information on when it was all changed, and the car has been sitting outside for a few months.

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