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Fixing the rearview mirror


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Help! The rearview mirror fell off. No problem so far, it's happened before on my other GM cars. But this 94 DeVille doesn't have the standard hex bolt holding the flat metal part that glues to the windshield. The flat metal part is somehow clipped on to the mirror and I have no idea how it detaches.

Anybody had this happen and figured out how to detach the thing?


Keith in San Antonio

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If your mirror is like the one on my 94sts then stop looking for a screw. The button or plate (silver in color) is held in by gravity. The button is beveled and flanged. When the button is attached to the windshield the rearview mirror just slides onto the button from the top.

You need to remove the button from rearview mirror assembly so you can reattach the button to the windshield. I used a small screw driver and a hammer to tap the button out.

This is all from memory so take it for what it's worth. Now what was my name again? :lol:

Ok I just ran outside in the rain to have another look. I remember using a very small flat head screw driver to guide the button over the edge of the clip..... creating a ramp effect. Then using another small screw driver and hammer I lightly tapped from the opposite end. Once you get it over the edge of the retaining clip you're home free.

"Burns" rubber

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Kger is right, GM changed the design of this clip in the early 90's... I tried to find a descent picture in my Allante Parts book but no luck...

IIRC its more than just gravity, isn’t there a flat metal spring that provides a positive friction fit?

Also from memory here but the "newer" glass buttons have beveled edges where the older style had flat groves.

Good Luck


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Terrific! Glad it worked for you. Just make sure you apply the adhesive to the correct side of the button :ph34r: ..... otherwise keep a 3 pound hammer and appropriate size screw driver on hand. :lol:

"Burns" rubber

" I've never considered myself to be all that conservative, but it seems the more liberal some people get the more conservative I become. "

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Onyx, yes there is a flat metal spring which I kept trying to mash to get the button off before Kger's great advice.

I went and glued the button on BEFORE reading kger's warning about making sure I glued the right side of the button to the mirror. :huh: Had to dash back outside in a total panic to make sure . . . glad to report I unintentionally glued it on correctly :rolleyes:

Y'all (as we say down here in Texas) are great. Thanks again for the help.


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Cadillac has a bulletin to replace the mirror if it vibrates......hmmmm......you should be able to figure out a way to snug it up. There is no hex screw. Its spring loaded....




Some 1993 Eldorados built before VIN PU604954, Sevilles built before VIN PU808996, and DeVilles/Sixty Specials may exhibit a rear view mirror vibration when equipped with the electrochromicmirror (DD8). A mirror, if removed for some reason, may alsoexhibit a vibration upon reinstallation due to a loss of spring tension. The condition is more likely to occur on the STS, ETC,and Sixty Special vehicles due to their stiffer suspensions.

To repair a comment of electrochromic rear view mirror vibration, replace the mirror with new part number 25618599. The retention spring in the mirror base has been stiffened on this part providing a tighter fit to the mirror support to eliminate vibration.

Remove or Disconnect (Refer to Figure 1):

NOTICE: Do not use tools or other objects to pry mirror mount or mirror away from windshield. Use of tools may damage mirror mount, mirror, or windshield.

1. Electrical connectors at rear of mirror assembly.

2. Twist mirror to one side and use one hand to support edge of mirror against windshield.

3. Use other hand to pull mirror away from windshield with a quick jerk.

Install or Connect:

1. Position bottom of mirror mount against windshield at top of support.

2. Slide mount onto support keeping mount parallel to windshield.

3. As mount start to engage support, apply a force against support while maintaining a downward force until the mount snaps onto the support with an audible click: this operation will require at least 20 pounds of force.

4. Check to make sure mirror is securely attached by adjusting mirror in a normal up/down and side to side range.

5. Electrical connectors.

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