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Rust ... and the 85 Eldorado

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I welcome your advice on this issue. I live in the southern part of the U.S. and have been searching for an 85 Eldorado or Seville.   I found a nice, well maintained Eldorado in Ohio that has been driven regularly, engine and cooling serviced regularly for the HT 4100, and all options work.  Transmission was rebuilt 15k miles ago and original engine has 128k miles.  The car is in great shape but has surface rust under the carriage and some seeping in at the bottom of driver's rocker panel ( about a 3 inch X half inch patch) and just above the chrome of the passengers wheel well (small line).  Nothing has eaten through, but it is there.   Would this be something you would avoid (not buy the car)?  I'm not looking for a show  car - seeking one I would drive on weekends, some highway trips -  mainly a nice older car which brings back great memories of that time.  But I don't want a car that would deteriorate quickly.   Price is $3600.  Thanks for your insight.  

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SALT, specifically road salt is the culprit.

IMO - I would pass, I'd look for an AZ vehicle.... I have never had good luck with rust areaa - always turns into cancer and the victim needs to be put to sleep..



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I can second that. Here in NY we dont have much choice though.

But if you can take care of it before it gets bad you will probably be ok.

If it is not a show car you should likely have no problem with a little surface rust


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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I grew up in Texas, and used cars shipped in from the rust belt were a cliche there.  I would use a CarFAX and eliminate any car from consideration that has spent a winter in the rust belt.

I had a friend who bought a used car off an independent car lot that looked like new, until the first rain when all the Bondo fell out.  Then, it looked like something from Tales From the Crypt.  He sold it back to the same lot a year later for very little, and when the guy got in it to drive it back to his service area, an A-frame on the front suspension broke when he turned the wheel.  He tried to get his money back from my friend, who kept his money and left.  He said the car sure looked funny, with the left front wheel laying flat on the ground, hub cap up.

Texas car dealers call that kind of thing Cancer.  If the car has Cancer, well, the car has Cancer.

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