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Good Dealer:

Gold Coast Cadillac

2123 Highway 35, Oakhurst, NJ, 07755 (near Asbury Park)

Sales: 877-288-1920
Service: 866-607-2860


I have a home for my just-out-of-warranty CTS-V that treats it, and me, with respect and courtesy. I was shown my old parts and the tech held them for me while I photographed them for analysis so that I did not have to carry dirty parts in my clean car. The loaner was my choice of model, a new ATS. My car was returned with a courtesy cleaning of the interior that included deep vacuuming of the carpets and floormats. You will not find a better home for your V or V-Sport anywhere.

I've had quite a few new and late-model cars in my time and know what a good dealer can be like. A good dealer for a Cadillac in warranty is easy to find, but once the warranty expires and it's just them and you, things are not so simple anymore. At Gold Coast Cadillac in Oakhurst, NJ in Ocean County just north of Asbury Park, your V-series is in the hands of people who understand how special this car is to you. Chris is the service rep most knowledgeable about V-Series (he owns one) but I think any one of them is good.

Anyone else with good dealer experience in getting service for a CTS-V or V-Sport?

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