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Found 8 results

  1. Hustle Hard, Help Others, Rinse, Repeat.
  2. The third generation CTS-V leaves very little to be desired in the way of performance coming off the showroom floor. However, that does not mean that more is not readily available. We would like to introduce our in-house produced WXM Carbon V3 Intake for the CTS-V. This intake was developed and tested in our facility to ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best in affordable aftermarket performance, all without having to making adjustments to the stock ECU calibration (warranty blues...). Measurements on our Mustang 1100AWD Dyno showed consistently solid gains to the tune of 28rwhp without having to get your hands too dirty in the installation process. This intake can be unboxed and installed in about 10-20 minutes in your driveway. The newer generations of GM LS/LT engines can be very responsive to modifications, but often as the result of a thorough tune to take advantage of them. While more power can be realized through tuning for this intake, picking up 28rwhp is as simple as bolting the Carbon V3 to your car. During our extensive testing, we found no areas of the stock drivability are sacrificed or compromised by running this intake on the stock ECU calibration. Power was found everywhere in the powerband, as well as the added bonus of an enhanced supercharger whine and more engine noise to entertain yourself with via your right foot. In closing, those wishing to modify their CTS-V V3 without worrying about voiding their warranty are going to be hard-pressed to find a more simple and effective modification than our WXM Carbon V3 Intake package. Gains for days, and an overall improvement in driving experience await you. To purchase the WXM V3 Carbon Intake: http://goo.gl/ifpTx0 Use code "WXMYT10" for FREE shipping when checking out!
  3. This is an odd comparison, but the Lexus costs as much as the CTS-V even though the Lexus is less powerful, less focused, etc. So I suppose it is fair game. Overall they love the CTS-V, hate CUE, but okay.
  4. Good Dealer: Gold Coast Cadillac 2123 Highway 35, Oakhurst, NJ, 07755 (near Asbury Park) Sales: 877-288-1920 Service: 866-607-2860 http://www.goldcoastcadillac.com/ I have a home for my just-out-of-warranty CTS-V that treats it, and me, with respect and courtesy. I was shown my old parts and the tech held them for me while I photographed them for analysis so that I did not have to carry dirty parts in my clean car. The loaner was my choice of model, a new ATS. My car was returned with a courtesy cleaning of the interior that included deep vacuuming of the carpets and floormats. You will not find a better home for your V or V-Sport anywhere. I've had quite a few new and late-model cars in my time and know what a good dealer can be like. A good dealer for a Cadillac in warranty is easy to find, but once the warranty expires and it's just them and you, things are not so simple anymore. At Gold Coast Cadillac in Oakhurst, NJ in Ocean County just north of Asbury Park, your V-series is in the hands of people who understand how special this car is to you. Chris is the service rep most knowledgeable about V-Series (he owns one) but I think any one of them is good. Anyone else with good dealer experience in getting service for a CTS-V or V-Sport?
  5. The new owner of Nurburgring, the Russian pharmaceutical firm mogul Viktor Kharitonin, has instituted safety measures that include speed limits and prohibition of runs for official lap times. News article: http://www.carscoops.com/2015/06/nurburgring-ceo-officially-confirms.html
  6. I have my Cadillac letter in hand about the CTS-V supercharger. It is NOT a recall. What GM has done is extend the warranty to 10 years or 120,000 miles from original purchase. If you have already had a repair done for a supercharger rattle, they have a reimbursement form with the letter. You submit the filled-out form and specified documentation to a Cadillac dealer to process your reimbursement. The documentation that you need to have with the form is: Name and address of whoever paid for the repair. The VIN of the car. Description of the problem, the repair, the date of the repair, and who performed the repair. The invoice should do it. The total cost of the repair, or at least the amount that you are requesting reimbursement. If you had an oil change at the same time, that isn't part of this total. Proof of payment for the repair (copy of check, credit card receipt, cash receipt, etc.). As with any warranty claim, if you have done something that voids the warranty before the rattle happened such as change the pulley or take a few laps around Road America, you might want to skip applying for a refund. Drag strip videos and trap tickets on your Facebook page can cause difficulties too, I would imagine. In a nutshell, if your car is within GM warranty terms, the supercharger is warrantied against the rattle problem for ten years or 120,000 miles.
  7. Drama: A couple of weeks ago my 1997 ETC suddenly developed a miss. Local inquiries about another Jasper did not get a serious response. I started a search for an STS-V or CTS-V and Bruce turned up a 2011 CTS-V that I couldn't turn down before we found out that the problem with the 1997 ETC was just a valve. Follow that car on the "Jims 97 ETC" board. Here we will discuss the 2011 CTS-V. First, I did WWW searches for STS-V and CTS-V cars around the Philly area. Other Caddyinfo Supporters including Bruce, Texas Jim, and BodybyFisher also did searches, and Bruce won the lottery with a car and a deal that I snapped up. I turned up a great 2009 STS-V about 50 miles north of NYC but didn't pursue it when some great CTS-V cars turned up as well. Interestingly enough, some of the best cars, such as the black 2009 CTS-V, were NYC lease cars that the used car infrastructure system put up for sale in Dallas, because that's the way to move the better cars. BodybyFisher provided a lot of good advice on the STS-V and other cars that we found on our searches, and he had a Philly area dealer on the lookout for a CTS-V for our consideration. At first I was entranced by a Diamond White 2009 CTS-V. But it didn't pass dealer mechanical inspection. It had a bent supercharger shaft by the drive pulley "at the rear of the engine." No one could figure out how one would do something like that. But the car is off the market while the used car infrastructure deals with a warranty repair, and I wasn't going to wait for it to reappear. Here is the first solid result of the search, by Texas Jim, who magnanimously took a road trip to a dealer to look at a black 2009 CTS-V for me, including a test drive. He also took quite a number of really good photographs. If you want to know more about the CTS-V, leaf through this Topic: CLICK HERE for Texas Jim's Topic on the black 2009 CTS-V Texas Jim's photographs of this car are so stunning that he, appropriately, put this Topic under the Cadillac Photography board. This topic has art and beauty as well as details of the interior of the car. Here is the second result of the search, by Bruce, who, again on his own time, took off from his busy schedule to look at a Thunder Gray 2011 CTS-V: CLICK HERE for Bruce's topic on the Thunder Gray 2011 CTS-V. A link to his blog post is included in the first post. Bruce's post includes a beautiful portrait of a Thunder Gray CTS-V in repose. The blog entry has a couple of other overall photographs and a lot of other close-ups of various parts of the car as well. I got CarFAX search results on both cars and decided that I must have the 2011 because of its very low mileage and I bought it immediately. Bruce arranged for, and drove the car to, Crest Cadillac for the "mechanic's inspection." Of course, Crest Cadillac did an incredibly thorough inspection and did it quickly. They left no bit unread in the modules and no nit unpicked on the car, inside and out, verifying resoundingly that this indeed is my next car.
  8. I've driven the CTS-V for only four days now. I drove the 1997 ETC for fifteen and a half years. I had a Corvette in the mists of antiquity and have had some contact with them since. I spent some time in Dallas recently and Bruce showed me around his STS-V. Thus I have some thoughts about the things that are very similar and very different about the cars. The CTS-V is a hard-core world-class GT car. The ride is quite serviceable for a daily driver, and my wife loves the ride. That was a bit of a concern for me because a lot of people that aren't inclined to performance machinery would rather ride in a Deville with weak shocks for that silky smooth ride. But the handling and responsiveness are world class, too. Layered over it all is a top-line Cadillac and all that this implies. It has umpteen-way power seats with warmer *and* cooler; there are HVAC vents into the seats and backs of the front seats. The climate control is as good as anything I've ever experienced, as is the Bose speakers and multimedia radio. The nav system is also top-notch. It has voice commands for the nav system, the Bluetooth, and of course the OnStar. It has a back-up camera. And, it has a lateral acceleration meter that is available on the DIC that I wish that I had discovered before I got into the mountain twisties in Tennessee. The STS-V is very similar to the CTS-V. The STS and CTS share the Sigma platform, as can be inferred from the side-by-side photos. The CTS-V has a 6.2 liter pushrod V8 while the STS-V has a 4.4 liter DOHC V8. With Bruce's tweaks to his STS-V, any practical differences in performance seem minor in my limited experience with both cars. The STS-V is a street car first and foremost, as compared to the CTS-V's commitment to road race track performance, and the STS-V has a better ride. It also has a few high-end features such as the heads-up display that aren't available on the CTS-V. A Corvette, with its lower center of gravity, lower weight, better balance, and lower moment of inertia relative to weight about any axis, will have better responsiveness and higher limits on handling stresses than any sedan or GT car. And, it won't ride any worse than the CTS-V. In fact, a lot of suspension technology is shared between the supercharged Corvettes, the CTS-V, and the ZL-1 Camaro. But on a road course, a Corvette will have the advantage. This doesn't explain why Cadillac owns the Pirelli World Challenge GT Manufacturer's Championship when the competition in the GT class includes Corvettes and Vipers. The ETC is dated, but its FE3 suspension with fresh OEM electronic shocks and struts with ultra-high-performance all-season tires it is the other side of the STS-V. Without a supercharger, it is only 300 hp, so it is in a different class than the V-series cars. It's ride is a tad better than that of the STS-V but it's higher center-of-gravity its handling can't compare with that of the STS-V or CTS-V. What it does have that the CTS-V and STS-V don't is on-board OBD II code readouts and limited control of module-operated options such as selecting DIC readouts, programming fobs, and other functions that require a trip to a dealer and a hookup with a Tech II in 2006 and later models. It has a rain sensor that controls the interval wiper mode, while the later models have a wider range of interval selection without a rain sensor. And while its handling and power don't match up to those of the V-series cars, it is more than a match for most modern sport sedans. It's not a bad idea to master an STS or ETC before you get behind the wheel of a V-series car. Your comments are welcome.
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