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The World needs a $250K Cadillac

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While Cadillac arms itself against the German juggernauts in the luxurious section of the car business, a new plan is on boil behind the scenes that could see it take on the likes of Bentley and, evidently, even Rolls-Royce.

Our source, who is intimate with Cadillac’s projected product cadence, says it is looking to launch an ultra-lux SUV and sedan in the $250-300,000 range, with both penciled to appear before the end of the next decade.



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Didn't read the article yet, but I've wondered for decades why Cadillac ignored the over-$100K market. Hungry marques try to innovate where the competition is weak, and it seems to me that Bently, Bugatti, and even Ford are doing that.

GM has a perfectly good halo car in the Corvette, and by design the Corvette is accessible to people of reasonable means and is mass-produced. Perhaps this was enough for GM due to the the fact that the Corvette historically (with the exception of the doldrums of the 1970's) outperforms cars costing server times as much while having the same warranty as the Impala, Buick and Cadillac.

I think that they need two cars, one an ultra luxury, possibly chauffeur-driven, one a mid-engine two-seater world-beater. Both would be all-new platforms, and the ultra luxury would be quicker and less expensive to develop and test, so bring it out first. Of course, start with a concept car.

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