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My silly *smurf* car is telling me it's -39 degrees outside in Oregon, but the bank billboard says 41 degrees, I be thinking there is a problem. Where is the outside probe located on a 2001 STS?

Any hel p is apprecited


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Should be front center behind the grille.

Look at your hood latch, it is a few inches below it on the same mount.

It is likely bad or the pigtail is corroded

Oh and welcome to Caddyinfo.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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RE. Outside temp probe. (Humor intended)


Problem is "Oregon", not the car. Move the car to Miami where the temps are in the 80's!

Info provided by rockfangd has always been helpful and reliable. We're lucky to have him as a member on here.

Hope you'll pub the solution to your problem?


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Thanks guys, yep found it, besides the 18 inches of rain in the past 2 weekend and a bit of that crap the state puts on the road to melt the ice, I didn't really see anything out of the ordinary. Thanks for the help.

I've poked around this site for a while, I have other problems, Needs motor mount, passenger rear door doesn't unlock, window won't go down, good thing too with all the darn rain, knocks when cold, valve gasket needs changing. But a fun car to drive around fast, and around kids who think turbo charged subaru's are fast.

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