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93 cadillac seville sls


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Could anyone please tell me what each mini relay in the trunk of the 93 cadillac seville sls does ? As the tops of mine are not there so I have no ides what the relays are for. If you could please help me I would really appreciate it more than you will ever know, as I have been trying to find out and can not find any information any where.

Please help

Thank you


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1993 service manual image.

I have both the 1993 and 1994 Helm 2 book factory service manual sets. There are some differences between '93 and '94.... I would be willing to sell the 1993 set.


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There are several types of Bosch relays used in Cadillacs. They are inexpensive, and the ones in the fuse/relay banks are considered routine maintenance items. Rock Auto carries all of them for you car. The basic types are SPST (most of them; these simply close a switch when activated, and have a minimum of four terminals), DPDT (these close two switches when activated, minimum of five terminals), DPDT (switch from one connection to another for two circuits, minimum of 7 terminals) and perhaps others that you won't see often.

In the Northstar models, two relays are the most common that go out: the fuel pump relay and the A/C clutch relay. These are right on top of the underhood fuse/relay bank and can be changed in a few seconds. I don't know where these two relays are are on 1993 models. Both are SPST.

There are a few relays that handle very high currents and must be reliable doing this: the fan relays, the headlight relays, and perhaps one or two more. These aren't in the fuse/relay banks and usually plug right into the wiring harness. I've heard of fan relays going bad but not any of the others.

I once found that a tech had put an intermittent bad fuel pump relay in my 1997 ETC; it cut out and I read the codes while it was acting up and found it immediately. It was very old, and had a handle added to it made out of cloth electrical tape for easy installation and removal. I ordered five from Rock Auto and threw away the bad one; I never used the other four new relays. For DIY maintenance of an old car, I recommend that you order more than one when you need a new relay; the relays cost less than the shipping and you get a few spares that way.

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