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Slight has started a slight stalling / missing problem

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Maybe the fuel pick up in the tank has become loose, or the fuel pump filet sock is really plugged except forward the top side. But either of those would only be at a lower fuel level. Anything over 1/2 tank it shouldn't change.

Our it could be you only notice it up hill due to increased engine load. Could be doing it anytime extra load is on engine.

Our option b only drive downhill Lol

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O2 sensor just reports back to computer what the engine is doing. I'd an o2 sensor fails the computer just goes to a closed loop mode and wouldn't give a miss fire. A lot of times with any engine problem there will be o2 codes due to overly rich or lean exhaust, doesn't mean o2 sensor needs replaced it usually means they are working properly.

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If there are no codes that tell the tale, I would start with the distributor cap and rotor, then the plug wires.

How many miles are on the plugs?

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